Early next morning,Blue Xin got a big morning,Take a small hurry to the company,Have you said that,Let her go to the Lu Group waiting for them。

All the office of the Chalk Group is in this building。
Blue 梓 Jun,Get up early in the morning,Keep computer。
After you leave from my mother,His heart is a little uneasy。
In Fan City,Mother is stolen because of design,Have a lot of suffering。
Staying up late design,What makes him feel bad?。
Blue Xin with blue and sorrow,Just arrived in the company downstairs,I saw a big red skirt.,Her silky hairdressing hair,Dye-dyed brown red,Long-haired shoulder,Bulk into the shape of a big wave,Natural drop in her chest and shoulders,Charming。
She is standing there in her chest,Munang’s facial features,The proud look is not annoying,Curve exquisite figure,Tall and dazzling,People who enter and leave,I can’t help but look at her.。
See Blue Xin and Blue Deaf,Her happy laughs。
“Mummy!”Blue and sorrowful voice soft 糯 糯 糯。
“Oy,My baby is coming.。”妍 妍 眯 蓝 蓝 蓝 蓝。
“瑾 妍,Have you been??”Blue Xin asked。
妍 妍 怨 怨 她,“Your heart,Put my pigeon。”Her tone,Quite spoiled,A proud well-known broker,There will be such a cute side。
Blue Xin said smiles:“I am not because I can’t open it.?Shot at eleven floor,You go first,I will go to work first.,Lunch,Go to eat together。”
瑾 妍,Happy smile moments:“knew,I will take it in the past,Can you put me pigeons this time?。”
“瑾 妍,Will not,Let it go!”Blue Xin smiled and took the way,She is very guilty,Because of work,She often puts the pigeons。
Blue Xin sent two people to the eleventh floor,I took the elevator and went to the 25th floor.。
And the blue sneak next to the computer,The phone suddenly thought of,He quickly picked up the phone。
“Small seven!Gipaddress,I found out,Lu Yi Group,Today they have a press conference,New product to be released,Is your mother design new product,Master helps you take this andipAddress to the Luke Group。
Before the new product release announced by Lu Yun Group,Your mother should get a message in advance.,Come and block everything,You don’t have to worry。”
Blue 梓 俊,I am relieved in an instant.,“Thank you master,Waiting for you to http://www.fcllq.cn return to China,I invite you to dinner。”Lan Lu Jun said。
“Ha ha”I have a happy laugh opposite.。
“Small seven,You are the smallest one in our seven hackers.,It is also the apprentice of the master.,Not more intimate than you。”Have a happy and confident voice opposite。
Blue Lu Jun also laughed:“master,I have said to you.,Receive me to make an apprentice,You will never lose money。”
“Your kid,Sure enough, I should have a word.,How many years it takes a warm heart?,Heart cool is only a moment.!These two years,The master is really seeing your ability.,You are waiting for the master,After a while, I will come back to see you.。”
“it is good!master!”Lan Lu Jun smiled,Take a call,I have a lot of peace in my heart.。
Blue Xin arrived at the 25th floor,Not yet in the office,It was called by Oujing。
“Blue Director,You http://www.jvchuan.cn come over。”
Blue Xinyi,Brow,Go quickly。
“European secretary,what happened?”Blue Xin’s heart is unrest,She is afraid of her guessing coming true.。
NS267chapter:You design this autumn design,Selling to Lu Yong Group