“Master Xu,You can go back,Give you a day off today,This car is driving”Luo Yi said,Took a look at Xia Jian。

The man said with a busy smile:“Ok Miss Luo,Key in the car,Then i’m going home”The man heard that Luo Yi gave him a day off,He ran away happily。
“Get in the car!You don’t drive a man,Could you let me drive by a woman?!”Luo Yichong Xia Jian smiled and said。It’s the first time Xia Jian saw Luo Yi smile so sweet。
Any man,Can’t stand a woman smiling like this。Xia Jian is also a man,And still a passionate man。He took a look and jumped into the car,He drove a BMW,Driven Mercedes,But this gem Jie has never moved。
Antinormal car,The basic principles are almost the http://www.daogd.cn same。Xia Jian took a seat in the driving seat,First adjust the seat,I looked at it tiringly,He immediately understood。
“Where to go?I’m not familiar with the road here”Xia Jian turned and asked Luo Yi who was sitting in the passenger seat。
Luo Yi smiled and said:“You don’t know i know!Just follow my command。Turn right onto the main road,Go straight to the intersection and turn left,Until Longdong Industrial Park”
I’m going to the industrial park,Xia Jian came to the spirit。His brain played a super role at this time,He started the car,I went through what Luo Yi said to him just now。Then kick the throttle,The car flew out like an arrow。
Luo Yi in the co-pilot,I couldn’t help but be slightly surprised。Why did she let Xia Jianlai drive,I just want to test Xia Jian’s diarrhea ability。Then finished the driving route in one breath,She http://www.qeqts.cn wanted Xia Jian to ask her without saying。
Then she can take this opportunity,Find Xia Jian a little bit more fun of bullying him。It’s a pity that Luo Yi’s two ideas fell through。Xia Jian not only can drive such a high-end car,And the route she said,Xia Jian actually wrote it all down。
Down this way,Xia Jian didn’t take the wrong intersection。And the speed is not low,Always overtaking on the road。
Luo Yi secretly turned sideways,Glanced at Xia Jian from the corner of his eye。She found,not talking,Xia Jian, who is dedicated to driving, is also very handsome。The key is that Xia Jian has a lot of mystery in him,Good skill,Can drive,The other is super memory http://www.englishdiary.cn ability。
suddenly,The car slows down slowly,Finally stopped。Luo once recovered,She looked out,I found that the car had stopped at the gate of Longdong Industrial Park。