Ou Sheng said in surprise:“That little thing is worth 500,000!”

Chen Xiu said with a wry smile:“In fact, we are already lucky,If he had a fist size, it would be over ten million,I really can’t win!”
The first rough stone is http://www.maicaima.cn not worth much less than expected,Ruan Tian is not discouraged,Staring at Chen Xiu and shouting:“it’s your turn!”
“This piece。”
Chen Xiu picked a rough stone he chose to play,He has never seen this rough stone,I don’t know if there is any goods in it。
Ruan Tian saw the thin skin of the stone selected by Chen Xiu、Color gray black,Looks very rough,Immediately laughed:“If this rock wins me coldly,My old Ruan never stepped into the gambling ground!”
At this time, there are http://www.yiyangfangchanwang.cn many good people around,It was a burst of laughter!
O Sheng wants to go back,Chen Xiu was holding her to behave,Just say to Master Stone:“open it。”
Master Kaishi is very experienced,A corner was polished in a short while,A little bit of yellow comes out。
See the dragon!
Onlookers around,Including Ruan Tian suddenly became nervous。Chen Xiu is not nervous,The tiger pictures of the emperor green have been drawn,I haven’t seen the mountains and rivers。
Osheng doesn’t understand,Is asking in a low voice:“What does it mean to see the dragon?”
Chen Xiu explained in a low voice:“Seeing the dragon is a gambling jargon,Probably means to cut the stone and the yellowish green,As long as there is color,Even if you win 30%,If the eight achievements are pure white, nothing good will come out.。”
“In this way,We have a big win!”O Sheng said http://www.zfdyj.cn excitedly。
Chen Xiu shook his head and smiled:“It’s hard to say,No one knows what the hell is inside the rock。That’s why there are half-opened rough stones and still some people are willing to take it out to bet,Betting on up or down!”
God seems to understand what Chen Xiu said,The rough stone opened from the back really doesn’t give him any good color。
Wu Yuanjia also looked at the millstone nervously,Suddenly slap my thigh with excitement,Sighed and shouted:“Eh……Eh……unfortunately,Why is it scrapped!”
O Sheng asked without knowing it:“Didn’t I say I saw the dragon?,Scrap now?”
Wu Yuanjia said very depressed:“Blame!”