Summer has indeed heard of your sword。

But about his news,It is accompanied by the message of the mind.。
Later, Ming people were falling,The rumor is also killed。
I didn’t expect the other party still alive.。
“He is of http://www.fxccmy.cncourse alive。”
Ji Bao bottle,“A guy like the full of full and conspiracy,How could it be easy to die?。”
Toned,Also,“In fact,He has always been,And have done a lot of things,E.g,You have been in foreign countries,How to make you grow up,There is a plan he has developed,You are big,I took the opportunity to grab the Tian Yujian,Including rescue summer,It’s all in his secret.。”
Summer,Tongue,Mental turn。
soon,He frown,“This is wrong.,Take the sky,Not your transaction you and black women??”
“Not contradictory。”
Ji Bao bottle oblique,“Black woman saved me,Let me repay the life-saving,That is, do three things for her.,The first piece,Let me feel your mother,And imitate the black woman’s one,Second thing,Darkness help you,Third thing,It is a robbery。”
Toned,Also,“She only said that I will repay me.,Will not personally participate,So I have to ask for the shadow,Just that the sacred prevention is too strict.,And I am not convenient to throw ahead,So I have been delayed.。”
Summer reveals,Immediately asked,“What is the shadow??”
“I have no idea,I have never seen it.,and……I am also very curious, what is he?。”
Ji Bao bottle,“The Ming people and Junli、When the light is confronted,He appeared,Very mysterious,Strong strength, don’t know,But this guy’s brain is good。
Help your father with the Jun and the rocking life to compete for more than 20 years。”
Summer eyes flash,“He let me go to the ear,What is the purpose??”
“how could I know?”
Ji Baobao bottle is not good,“This guy’s heart is very dirty,Good at use,And can be laid out,If you go,Be careful to be sold by him.,But one thing I can definitely,He will never hurt you.。”
Summer meditation。
Next,He asked some relevant topics again.,Unfortunately, how many useful messages have not been obtained.。
finally,Summer speech。
He still decided to take a lot of ear.。
Unable to determine how Time is going to ear,So decided to catch up early。
Morning,Stepping on the passenger plane to the Central Plains。
At 3:30 in the afternoon,He all the way,I came to Lu County again.。
Summer does not go directly to the village where the ear is located。
This time, this time is to join in the fun.,And changed the appearance in advance。
Lu County is definitely no urban area so prosperous,But it is still quite lively on the street.。 Traffic shuttle,Figure,Roadside has a variety of storefronts,Can also see some entertainment venues。
Summer is like a leisure man in the street.,Where is the lively,Will also get up on the front。
Even the billing in front of a small selling department hit five games。
All lost。
Day night,Live in a small hotel in the roadside。
After having dinner,He came to the street。
Although the county is not large,But calm down,Another understanding。
People in the street come to people,Business traders called buy,From time to time, I can see a group of half-size bodies to ran in the trouble.。
Everything is true and vivid。