“Shinobi?Can play with Naruto,Is it Sasuke??”

“Is not,He is the son of Naruto,Is the blogger from the future。”
“Ok,I know。”Ino said in his flower shop,Then start contacting other people one by one。
Naruto on the field holds a hand of Mikubo,The free hand is used to attack future bloggers,But the nine-tailed claws behind Mirai Boren suddenly stretched out and began to seal.。
Two future blogger clones appear on the left and right sides respectively,Kicking towards Naruto。
Such a close distance,Can’t do it back,In the end it can only cause both parties to be attacked。
“not bad,Blogger,I didn’t expect you to grow to this point。”Said Naruto who was forced to distance himself because of the attack,“Make Nine Tails Claws Seal,It’s really an incredible idea。”
“After all i only have one hand,So a lot of ninjutsu needs the help of the nine-tailed claws。”The future blogger said,While taking out a capsule from the ninja bag,After opening,White mist spread,Kusanagi sword appeared in the hands of future bloggers。
“Science endure.”
“Ok,Scientific endurance from the future。”The future blogger nodded and said,“Then,I got on,Dad。”
“Oh,come on。”
Naruto’s voice just fell,The future blogger in front of you disappeared instantly。
The perception ability from the fairy mode allows Naruto to easily detect the attack intentions of future bloggers。
“on the left!”
Naruto defended to the left in time,Nine-tailed claws stand in front,Spiral pill to stop future bloggers。
“wrong,Where’s Kusanagi sword?!”
Naruto just reacted,The figure of the future blogger in front of us disappears again,Replaced by the Kusanaru sword in front of you,at this time,The future blogger has come to the top of Naruto’s head,Falling behind Naruto,I took out a capsule again and turned it into a Kusanagi sword,Kusanaru’s sword rests on Naruto’s neck。
“You won,Blogger。”
“Ok。”The future blogger nodded and said,Carrying everyone’s hope and ability,Now the strength of bloggers in the future is higher than that of everyone present。
“It’s almost dinner time,Do you two eat together。”After watching the wonderful battle between Naruto and Mikubo,Hyuga Nissa said to Sasuke and Shikamaru who came here。