At this moment, Qi Mingqing came suddenly,Called Mo Xiaosheng softly outside the door,Mo Xiaosheng quickly got up and walked out。

Qi Mingqing glanced around,Pulled Mo Xiaosheng aside,Low channel:“Mr. Mo,I heard that your father-in-law’s injury has recovered very well?”
“Okay。”Mo Xiaosheng smiled and nodded。
“Your medicine is really god。”Qi Mingqing gave him a thumbs up,Then put on a flattering look,“Are you interested in cooperating with our hospital?,If this medicine is used clinically,That is simply……”
“Sorry,Dean Qi,It’s not that I don’t give you face,Is that this medicine really cannot be formulated on a large scale。”Mo Xiaosheng smiled helplessly,Thinking is just to make up a reason,It is said that Millennium Ginseng and Centennial Lin Zhongling are essential in the formula。
Qi Mingqing’s face changed after hearing this,Sighed heavily,He shook his head regretfully。
Then he seemed to remember something suddenly,Hehe said with a smile:“Xiaosheng,What do you say to you?”
“nice,Especially when my old husband is hospitalized these days,I have been entrusting you to take care of me。”Mo Xiaosheng hurriedly said。Look a little puzzled。
“Can you save a little of this medicine for me?,In case something happens to our family,You can’t die without saving it。”Qi Mingqing kindly pleaded,“do not worry,Start tomorrow,Qiao Yiyi is the deputy director!”
The nurses and doctors who visited saw Mo Xiaosheng and the director shrink in the corner and whispered,I can’t help but glance at,I thought Mo Xiaosheng was cheating on Dean。
If they knew that their superior dean was actually trying to bribe Mo Xiaosheng,I guess I’ll drop my jaw。
“Easy to say,Easy to say。”Mo Xiaosheng smiled and agreed。As long as it’s about Qiao Yiyi’s good,Naturally have to accept it。