[How to lose weight oatmeal cookies]_Oatmeal cookies_Slimming_How to do


[How to lose weight oatmeal cookies]_Oatmeal cookies_Slimming_How to do

Oatmeal is a kind of food with very high nutritional value. Oatmeal food is simple and easy to make. It does not require complicated craftsmanship to make delicious oatmeal meals. Oatmeal also has a certain weight-loss effect.A kind of weight loss food, let’s briefly explain the method of weight loss oatmeal cookies.

1. Prepare ingredients, amount of 15 oatmeal cookies.

2. Mix all the ingredients. Making this oatmeal cookie is really easy!

Roughly speaking, just knead all the prepared materials together.

However, each ingredient must be mixed well to achieve the perfect brown sugar-colored oatmeal cookies!

3. After the eggs are broken, add honey and vegetable oil and mix well.

Honey can be used almost as a liquid sugar.

4, brown sugar also has sweetness, but the conversion is lower than white sugar, and the biscuits baked after seasoning have a special flavor, very distinctive!

It is strongly recommended that the brown sugar here not be replaced with white sugar!

5. Stir well.

6, after adding oatmeal, you can take a small spoon from bottom to top and flip to stir.

Because the previous mixture was relatively thin, although the amount of oatmeal was relatively large, it was easy to mix.

7. It has been stained with brown sugar. It is a beautiful caramel. If the brown sugar is slightly larger, it doesn’t matter if it is mixed, but not too much.

8. Because no powder is added, oat is not easy to mold.

You can take a spoon and dig some into your hand first, hold it tightly, and it will shape well.

9, the size according to personal preferences on the line, a little thinner will be more crispy when baked, the cookie in the video is about 1 cm thick.

10. Put baking sheet on baking sheet, preheat oven, 160 鈩? bake for 20 minutes.

Freshly baked oatmeal biscuits are soft and will become brittle after cooling. Keep biscuits that you can’t finish eating to avoid getting wet.