Icy discourse does not have any feelings。

Enchanting woman face,Soon,Arrive in Xu Meizhen neck,“If you want her to live,Don’t resist,Otherwise,I will kill her now.!”
Speech,The sharp blade of the Senk is gently drawn again.,A narrow blood marks appeared。
Summer watching!
He feels that his blood is going to boil.,There is a bladder in the body to destroy the earth.。
He has an anger,Slow down sound,I deeply looked at Xu Meizhen.,Then close the enchanting woman。
As a sound,Throw the samurai knife on the ground,A word a day,“Come on,I don’t resist!”
“Brother……Don’t hear……”
Xu Meizhen cried loudly,In exchange,Another big slap in the enchanting woman。
At the same time,Seven eight youth,They all revealed with cruel laughing,Murderous。
I want to talk to more like-minded people《President of the king》,WeChat attention“Reading literature http://www.shulekai.cn ”,Chatter,Look for oneself~
First1459Chapter Memorize……Comprehensive recovery
First1459Chapter Memorize……Comprehensive recovery
The enchanting woman thinks that the summer weakness is。
Threaten him with Xu Meizhen。
Seven eight young people smile,At the same time,Trying to completely abolish the summer。
In this moment,Summer, I don’t know how much hit,Then I will break the kite in the line.。
Still in the air,Vomiting blood。
“Brother……”Xu Meizhen crying。
Semi-air,Summer closed eyes。
This moment,He did not hurt in the meaning,Instead, I combined the memory that suddenly emerged in my mind.。
Respected ring……Four gods……
And that night practice is alive,The white woman in the room。
“Really,Pullout is not available……I hope you don’t blame me.,Temporary misseu http://www.lanlongyaju.cn helps you recover……”
A moment who is dizzy by the other party,It is still why the woman said.。
Be her!
The mysterious woman who suspected Huaxia Emperor!
A picture of a film in the mind is generally flashing,Quickly compensate for those faults and broken memories。