Near noon,They have carried a lot of clothes in their hands。But Guan Tingna only bought her underwear,The rest is Xia Jian’s,This makes Xia Jian feel very embarrassed。Why do you think a big man buys so many clothes??But Guan Tingna just didn’t listen。

And Guan Tingna called to the driver who followed them far away,Moved all the newly bought clothes to the car。Otherwise, shopping with such a pile of clothes,That’s really tiring。
“Hey!You have no conscience at all,I bought clothes for most of the day with you,Should you ask me to eat something to rest??”Guan Tingna glared at Xia Jian next to him,Pretending to be upset。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“There is no place to eat here, right!Went out in a while,I will treat you again”
“Old fashioned!Food City on the sixth floor,Nothing to eat yet?”Guan Tingna said,Gently pulled Xia Jian。
Xia Jian sighed helplessly,And followed Guan Tingna to the elevator,Walk towards the Food City on the sixth floor。
Xia Jian didn’t know why Guan Tingna was scolding him on the sixth floor.。It turns out that the entire sixth floor,It’s all places to buy food。All over the country、There are even foreign snacks。And there are so many people here to eat,Xia Jian has gained insight again。A place like this,He really hasn’t been here。
Guan Tingna wants to eat bridge rice noodles,Xia Jian had to stay with her。The two just sat down,A woman’s familiar voice came from behind Xia Jian:“Yo!Isn’t this Mr. Xia??”
Xia Jian was taken aback,Hurriedly turned around。No one is standing behind him,It is Zhou Li。Zhou Li’s dress is very fashionable and novel,Almost like a lady。
“Zhou Zong!Such a coincidence,I can meet you everywhere?”Xia Jian said lightly。
Zhou Li glanced at Guan Tingna next to Xia Jian,Then asked Xia Jian with a slight smile:“Presumably this is Guan Tingna, right?!Presumptuously,You don’t know that your current relationship is a partner,Still a couple relationship?”
“Does this have anything to do with you?”Xia Jian is a little upset。
Zhou Li’s face doesn’t change,Smiled slightly:“Of course there is。Don’t forget,There was a relationship between us before,That’s why I care about you so much!”
On such occasion,Xia Jian has no temper at all because of this woman。Confucius said“Only villains and women are hard to raise!”Only then did Xia Jian understand the profound meaning of the old man’s words。
Just when Xia Jianzheng felt embarrassed,Guan Tingna turned around,Smile at Zhou Li。She suddenly lowered her voice and said:“Let me tell you!Between us is an improper relationship between men and women,Are you satisfied now!”