Mu Ziyou looked at his expression,The light is suddenly bright.。

NS337chapter:Is it your own design?

NS337chapter:Is it your own design?
Mu Zizi suddenly smiled and asked:“Old Xu,Do you have any other way??”
“Um!”Lao Xu nodded,Handed a piece to Muzi。
Lu Hao Cheng,Slightly,I know what to do.。
“Thank you!”Lu Haocheng looked at old Xu。
Old Xu Xiaodao:“Hao Jun,You don’t have to be polite,You are not helping me??”
Lu Haozheng smiled slightly,“For me,But it is a labor。”
Old Xu smiled,Not talking,He looked outside,Say:“Oh,coming,it’s him。”
Mu Ziyi and Lu Hao have seen an eye,Both people are surprised。
Muzi honing:“Who is this person??Why don’t we know??”
Lu Haoheng got up,Say:“Old Xu,we are leaving,Thank you!”After that, you will go out to the meteor.。
Mu Zihao laughed,Turned and left together with Lu Hao Cheng。
I saw the middle-aged man of the blessing took a bag.,Just open。
Lu Haocheng looked at Muzi Han。
Mu Zizi,Quickly walk forward。
“boom!”He hit a middle-aged man,Middle-aged man in the hands of the bag falls to the ground。
“Sir,Are you OK!”Lu Hao Cheng’s voice,Sound on the other side。
The man who should bow on the pieces,Looking at Lu Haocheng laughing,“I am fine.!”
Muzi faster,Then I won’t go back to the other side.。
“Nothing!”Lu Hao Cheng finished,Leave。
Men bending the waist to pick up the bag,Then,There is also a doubtful walking。
Lu Haocheng looked at Muzi Yu in his corner.。
The two are also quickly followed.。
After driving the car with the middle-aged man,All the way。
Middle-aged man just opened the door,Turn over an intersection,Hang the car。
Mu Zihao also parked the car not far away,Special tension at this moment,a?
Lu Hao Chengjun’s face is also staring at the front of the car.,Nothing to cold without a temperature。
A car is also stopped not far away.,Suddenly from the car down a woman。