Customers in the store,Fried chicken,Incomparable。

Chen Linzhi stopped the car on the side,The sky is already black.,Many shops along the street are closed early.,Only neon lights are still flashing。
Miss Anna Atas is in the other end of the town,Not familiar to this,Most of the guests in the store are black people,Quite tense。
Chen Linzhi is big in the first,I found that you are looking at yourself.,I don’t know why I suddenly think of movies.《Green book》Inner scene,Smile。Black man hates with fried chicken in a piece,However, they really love to eat fried chicken,Thinking of this feeling interest,This is why Chen Linzhi laughs.。
I have been a long time to the 1980s.,Take a lot of black people。
Chen Linzhi thought of buying a fried chicken,no big deal,Go to the front desk,Slices of fried chicken package,Agree。
Look again, Miss Anna Atas。
She has understood that this is an unexpected community that is a black gathering.,It is inevitable。
Don’t blame her worry,Really negative examples,White parents are almost educated their children,Don’t go to the black gathering at night,Public security is often relatively poor。
If there is only her own,Miss Anna Atas is definitely not to eat,Will also leave directly,Today, Chen Linzhi is accompanying,And the order in this Donville town is okay.,So she also entered the store。
This year’s race is huge,Different problems have been dealt in decades,Don’t mention it now.,Contradiction is almost hot。
Two people just got a meal,A intense young black walks to them,Blow whistle attracts attention,Ask:“French people who come over and do business?Myself?Such a beautiful caucasian girl can go,You should have money.?”
“Where did you see that I have money?,I am Chinese,Not a 曰,If you let you recommend,Chicken wings are delicious or chicken breasts are delicious?”
“I will choose chicken legs.。”Black guy said that he rely on the wall,Look at Chen Linzhi,And look at Anna Tasia,I don’t know what I am thinking.。
Chen Linzhi ignored him,Calmly tell the boss to change the chicken wings into chicken legs,Take away。
beside,Black guy continued to ask:“I see you open Lincoln.,Why don’t you tell me honest?,Is it because I am long?,Just as a robber?”
“Don’t make trouble,Buddy,I just came to buy some fried chicken.。How about our San Francisco Tangren Street?,Have you heard of it?,More than you,White and black people treat us as robbers,How can I treat you this way?,Ethnic minorities,All the victims of this egg society。”
Black guy feels reason,If you have something to think。
Don’t see Chinese self-denial,In fact, several big guys in North America.,Which criminal group is the largest,Always go around the existence of Chinese communities。
Black people went to Chinatown,Experience should be almost the same as the current Chen Linzhi,Also mentally tight,Worried about the contradiction between the locals,Difficult footage。
After a few minutes,Safety with fried chicken away from the store,Chen Linzhi put something in the back row,Ready to find a place to sit and eat。
See Miss Anastas, Long Song,Here:“do not worry,I often deal with black people.,Sometimes they are just afraid.,Gap,Talk non-motion,Will not take care of others,May not hostile。”
Miss Anna Atas:“Let’s drive first.,Just now, Chinatown is very chaotic.,I have never been to,What is it like??”
Chen Linzhi thought for a long time,I don’t know how to describe it.。
Sorry,Tell her:“Waiting for you to go, I know.,I can only say that most people are good.。Honestly tell you,At the end of last year, I also entered the prison.,I used to be too true,In order to make a living impulse to do a stupid thing,I have no good family,Growing up from small orphanage。”
Say to solve the button,Give her chest tattoo。
Anna Atasian eyes wide,Impact by this message,I will say that I will say it.:“No wonder you are not afraid of this place at all.,Your family should live very hard when you are young.。”
Chen Linzhi slightly eyebrows。
I want this girl’s concern is too strange.,How can I comply,Pulling yourself to live hard。
Where can he know?,Miss Anna Atas seems to be grounded,In fact, grow up in Aleuso。
Tuition expensive private school,Entering college students reading,According to the department, you will have a day.,Instead, Chen Linzhi is very strange.,Still very curious
NS58chapter Deliver
Woman like a cat,The same is a curious creature。
to be honest,Young people in Anna Tatasia have been in contact with the day,Almost all home is superior。
Some people、Someone romantic,Some people have good grades,Others are young and easy to pick up a big home production.,Daily bubble in the flower。