Spiral,“Come in。”

Owen slightly smiles,Follow the man into the room。
This is a very luxurious suites.,Sofa in the room,Sitting with a look of ordinary,But face with pale young man。
It is the previous name of Ning surname who want to buy red coral.。
At this moment, he is a little lazy to sit there.,Hand in hand with a glass of wine,While not http://www.cxrdai.cn tightly cultivated wine,Cartoon looking at TV。
Be right。
“Ning Mr. Ning。”
Owen try to slow down the sound,At the same time,Look careful。
I don’t have a sense http://www.lyrxjf.cn of a scientist.。
“Mr. Owen,What happened?。”
Mr. Ning put the wine to the tea。
Come to the eye,The corner of the mouth is outlined.,Plus he has some unactmapped pale face,Make a kind of evil temperament。
“Ning Mr. Ning,I have followed your plan,Participate in that topic,But I didn’t expect it.,They only need two teams there,Different two people have seen,Are people in the Chinese,And I”
Owen’s face emerges a trace of anger and not sweet,“And I am a foreigner.,So they finally chose the two people.,This is discrimination,This is racial discrimination”
I heard this,Mr. Ning’s face is a smile that means deep and long。
“Since this,That’s going.,My key points are not on this.。”
Mr. Ning is free to waive,“But I promised you before,Regardless of success or failure,Will n’t treat Mr. Owen。Aqing,Mr. Owen’s one million check。”
The youth open the door is immediately,Rotate the socket。
Owen quickly couges cough,“Ning Mr. Ning,Although I have no participation topics,But I have went to their laboratory before.,And a simple observation,And I http://www.gps116.cn got some news from their mouth.。”
“Oh?What news。”
Mr. Ning is awkward。
Owen Some twists,Embarrassment,“These are top secret messages”
See him,Mr. Ning once again laughed again,“I understand,How much is you want to say these news?。”
“50 million!”
Owen does not hesitate to say a number。
Before the hotel,He has seen this Ning’s arrogance before his eyes.。
In his opinion,50 million for each other,Even the nine bull is not calculated。