[Does the same room become pregnant 8 days after menstruation]_Pregnancy


[Does the same room become pregnant 8 days after menstruation]_Pregnancy

Many people, during the menstrual period, feel that if the penis is inserted into the vagina and then they are stained with red menstrual blood, and because the menstrual blood will have a different degree of bloody smell, they feel psychologically scared.Dare to love during menstruation.

However, some people will share the same room 8 days after menstruation.

And it’s for you in the same room without a condom.

Will the same room be pregnant 8 days after menstruation?

8 days after menstruation will be pregnant in the same room, women’s ovulation date is generally about 14 days before the next menstrual period.

After the egg is discharged from the ovary, it can survive in the fallopian tube for 1-2 days to wait for fertilization; men’s sperm can maintain fertilization in the woman’s reproductive tract for 2-3 days, so it is easy to conceive during sexual intercourse several times during egg discharge.

For the sake of insurance, we will refer to the first 5 days and the last 4 days of the ovulation day, plus 10 days inside the ovulation day as the ovulation period.

Ovulation is also referred to as susceptible or dangerous because it is conceived during ovulation.

It should be a dangerous period, you can count it yourself.

In addition to the need for positive attention, further attention needs to be paid to the daily hygiene of the “private place”.

Wash the vulva and anus area with warm water daily.

Use clean water to clean the vulva, and use an irritating soap to clean the anus.

Special towels and wash basins are required. Wash from front to back. Wash the vulva first and then the anal area. If possible, it is best to spray with a spray head.

After each bowel movement, use soft toilet paper to wipe the anus from front to back. If possible, it is best to wash it immediately.

Care must be taken to clean the towels.

If I do n’t want to have a child, will I be pregnant in the same room 8 days after menstruation, so people who need condoms and have sexual intercourse actually change their underwear every day.

And if you wear underwear, you need to choose cotton underwear.

At the same time, you can wear silk-like soft underwear.