This handbanHuman choice,Be in turnIGSecondhandbanThe meaning of the emperor is almost。

Spider in this version,It is also a hero that has a ruling power in the wild.。
existTOPIn the case of the wilderness,http://www.11yiyi.cnIt is natural to be able tobanbutban。
TOPFourthban,Lu Zi’an was sentbanPool。
how to say,TOPThis handbanpeople,It is indeed a representative,They have to carry out their own ideas.。
IGFifthban,Akari was sentbanPool。
existTOPDidn’t go to the middleBPwhen,IGThere is too much in the middle hero here.。
In this situation,rookieThis can be said that heroic pool is rich.。
but,existrookieHeroes of Heroes,IGI have to consider whether it is needed.banSummary hero who is good at some other person。
Su Sui。
TOPLast oneban,Luo is directly sent directlybanPool。
Obvious,TOPI don’t want to take care of the rockyness of Kario.,Directly is a road to black。
Subsequent,IGFourth choice,Directly selected Casa。
In Lu Zi’anbanAfter it,Casha can be said to beIGNow the hero that is best taken out。
It is also currentlyIGThis lineup,ConjizzledADC。
TOPFourth choice,Olaf is directly locked down,This hand is more conventional。
Remove selectedbanFalling wild hero,This is indeed the best in the field.。
TOPFifth election,It is some unexpectedly locked the plane.。
but,Although some accidents,But the aircraft this hero,Don’t use it。
IGFifth election,After hesitating after a few seconds,Lock the enchanture。
rookieSignature enchantry,This hero is elected.,The belt of Gario on the first floor is also very determined.,Indeed to auxiliary position。
Hereed,BPend,The lineup on both sides also determined。
Blue squareTOPline-up:Shenders、Wild Olaf、Medium plane、ADCSkateboard、Auxiliary hammer。
Red squareIGline-up:Lodge、Wild excavator、Single demon、ADCCasa、Assisted Gario。
ThisTOPWhole game ideas,From theirBPIt can be seen in it.。
existBPLast dead after the next road,They have entered the game,How can it be put?IGDown the way?
under these circumstances,TOPThe first wave made by WildernessgankThink,It’s coming to the road.。
2Minute40second,Olaf came directlyIGBlueBUFFwild area,Close to the position of the junction of the triangular grass partition。
but,After they exposed their own game ideas,IGThe reaction made is also very fast。
wrong,It should be,IGReaction,More than they expected,Also faster。