But it is also http://www.fjgyz.cn quicker.,When the child came to the girl, he stood up.。

I fell asleep in two mouths.。
“grandmother,Want to put him down??He fell asleep!”
“Just fell asleep,Little child,Let go and go to the estimate。Did you can’t hold it??Grandmother comes!”
Su Grandma put his big hand on the little arm of Niu Niu,Slowly,Also let the Niu Niu have room for handing out。
What did the little doll seem to feel?,Ambulse。
“Milk,I have a while.!Waiting for a deep sleep,Put him in the quilt。”
Sample,Also chase!
Niu Niu quietly sat in the sky,Elbow supports on the thigh,Hold the baby and move。
“I didn’t expect my Niu Niu to hold the doll.!”
“This child is also,Niu Niu is not crying, not crying.,How,It is a long sprinter on us.?”
Niu Niu is proud and painful to accompany a whole day
“Let’s come back.!”
Near evening,Su Qiang and Su Daba http://www.aintron.cn also rushed back to the bull。
Seeing that two people are intact,In addition to some anxiety on your face。Everyone’s heart is stable.。
“How have you come back at this time??Almost, you will go to the town to find you.!”
Soddami is half a blame half is distressed。
“We turn over the town for a while.,When I came out, I also checked several times.!”
“How to come out, I have to check it out.?When is the town of the town?!”
Su Qiang and Suda Bad,Move the food from the ox truck。
“Big brother,You talk to the mother and talk to the mother.,I will take the creek of Uncle Lin and clean it.,Send past together。”
Su Qiang climbed up again,Tour in the direction of the stream。
“Boss,You talk about it.,Happening happened.?Yang Dawn is okay.?”
“Let’s sit down and say slowly.,I can’t say it for a while.!”
Xiaofan http://www.gycxmj.cn is hard to sleep.,Su family went to the lobby to listen to the news,Niu Niu also said a small bench,Sitted straight straight。
Xiaofan is a little name,Figure one shouting。
Mean!That is a small trouble!
“In fact, it is not Yang Dawang.,Zhou Master!”
Niu Niu suddenly sat more。
Do you guessed?Gossip?
“Zhou Master is awkward?”
“daughter in law,Don’t worry!Listen me slowly!”
Big mother nodded like garlic,Still compared to the mouth,Indicates that you will be quiet。
“Isn’t this drought this year??Let’s not be too serious here.,I heard that the most serious thing is the Hunnel.。Originally rare land,This year, the particles are not received.。”
“This.!They have to launch wars when they receive autumn,Just try to grab some food。Small,Nothing!”
“but,I didn’t expect it.!”