Just in everyone’s eyes,Under the eyes of the public,Old 乞 丐 地 古 古 古 古。
Use the wooden stick that is not thick,Gently knock on its head。
The sound is not high。
The ancient head of the ancient is not burst like people.。
But his eyes are fixed.。 The eyes did not dare to convex with。
Body shaking,Shake。
His expression is gradually dissipating,His thinking becomes a dark dark。
His mind is not going to think about a problem。
Why do you want to kill me?……
He is the home of the old family,And the ancient home is one of the Beijing-level giants.。
His father,His brother,His son is killed,He also has a very vending……How can I die??
The ancient pupils gradually scattered,With unlikely。
When he finally like a dead fish that has been with his eyes,When you rush to the ground。
Old scorpion said a word。
“If you do your chess, you have to do your chess.,Since you dare to count the job,Don’t blame Laozi’s table。”
Summer watching this scene next to it,It is a mouth of the mouth.。
He didn’t expect,This has been playing red dust,It seems that there is no skinless old man,It’s also a hot。
。Wonderful book house
First1697Chapter Pan
If you are solidified at this moment。
Ancient Tank。
His appearance is hunting,But in the head, it has become a red-white mixed paste.。
That pair of original majestic eyes,Unpredictable。
As if you are questioning。
Future of the family,Hate of loved ones,Go away from him this moment。
It is called to be able to be able to be able to be able to help his father.,Even some people predict that he will make the ancient family more powerful……Now become a dead。