Because of all this,All happened in‘dream’in。

Heart of Heaven,Also different from the mental line,After the Infinite Chaos World is broken, there will only be three realms‘Avenue of Dreams’,Only some ancient people who understand this kind of method,The strong from the Three Realms are not good at this。
Under his method,We have won many powerful people who belong to the three clans of the Three Realms, Taoism and Buddha, two sects, shemales and gods。
God King,Also want to use the means of dreaming,Infiltrate the soul of Ming Taoist。
He was going to,Can win the other party,After all, the opponent’s strength is also extremely strong,If so,That’s all about the blood wave god。
If you can’t win,The other side refused to take refuge in Wujianmen,Then kill directly。
By infinite means,It’s too easy to let a god of heaven die in confusion。As long as you don’t do too much of this kind of thing,It is impossible for the mighties of the Three Realms to deal with Infernal Gate because of a god。
However, he used this method on that Ming Taoist,But was shocked to find that it failed。
Not a failure,It’s that his dreaming method didn’t penetrate into the opponent’s soul directly.。
just like,That Ming Taoist is not a real fairy,Shenhun is even more determined than Daozu。
Notice,Even if it is a real Taoist,The method of the god king can barely sneak into the opponent’s dream and talk。
But this Ming Taoist,Its soul seems to be better than ordinary Daozu,His soul can’t penetrate into the opponent’s dream at all。
“Simply incredible,Is it—He realized the fifth state of mind!”The god king’s eyes are full of jealousy。
Ordinary Daozu,He doesn’t care。He is the disciple of the ancestor of the heart demon,The god king in name。
but,The fifth state of mind force is scared of him。