Fang Hao didn’t become a vegetable,The financial pressure on the female driver who caused the accident is not that great,Spend tens of thousands of dollars to go out,It’s not a burden to her。

What she brought up this time is a casual outfit,She also wants to take a look,What does Fang Hao look like without that gown?。
This set is a set,It even includes shoes and underwear。
Anyway, Fang Hao was not allowed to leave the hospital in his previous clothes,Not even a pair of socks。
Fang Hao in a hospital gown already makes her feel handsome and charming,When Fang Hao, who was dressed in casual clothes, appeared in front of her,There was a starlight in her eyes。
——This is too handsome?
Those little meat stars I used to chase,Compared with Fang Hao now,Just a bunch of garbage!
She thinks her ovulation period is coming soon。
but,Soon a thought came up in my mind——Such a handsome man,Don’t let those coquettish bitches outside see,Otherwise they will snatch it away。
then,He took out a pair of sunglasses and a pair of masks and handed them to Fang Hao:“You bring this too。”
“why?”Fang Hao is very puzzled。
“Uh,Is such that……You just discharged,Not good yet,The body’s immunity is not very strong,Put on a mask,Can prevent others from spreading the virus to you。”Explanation of Guo Miaomiao’s Deficiency。
“Oh……What about sunglasses?”Fang Hao asked again。
“Cool,”Guo Miaomiao said,“You must be very cool wearing sunglasses。”
Fang Hao nodded:“Makes sense。”
Put on a mask,After putting on sunglasses again,There is very little skin on my face,Guo Miaomiao feels a little safe at this time,Then took him out of the hospital。
When going out,Fang Hao suddenly thought of something,Some hesitation,Asked:
“Sister Miao Miao,We now pass,Did you go there by bus??”