Because I’m used to working with,Zhu Mei is naturally unwilling to change。

At least the princess is very reliable。
Shen Huan understands Yang Feng’s behavior in seeking Zhu Mei。
But he is a little strange。
How Yang Feng established Abao Entertainment,Didn’t come to me?
Song words,Teacher Lu Xiaofeng is unparalleled in the world。
Script story words,Teacher Chu Liuxiang is also a must in the world。
Yang Feng knows the two identities of Shen Huan,The two can talk about it。
When he was about to fight,Why don’t you ask Shen Huan for help??
Do you think I’m too expensive?
No no no。
Yang Feng’s handwriting is very generous,Zhugege donated3000Ten thousand,This is enough to buy scripts and songs。
What a strange person!