For example,Under the same realm,Pastas with water,It is much more than fire.。

Two fights,Fasbund lost more than。
But if they have the ancient weapons of the same realm,Fat’s fire can be very strong,The power of the Past Water Energy is reflected in it.
Willmot and Morgan also belong to a type of abilities。
But his petrochemicals are enhanced under their comprehensively.,Morganifinals are worse than those。
If not the last people launched,Morgan insurance escape。
Not asking for summer,Straightforward,“You will leave overnight after processing clean.,Put out,That is, you were hurt by people.。”
Paused,Also,“Later,If you are willing to continue to develop, follow you,But I advise you a sentence.,Pull and leave as soon as possible,Otherwise you will die sooner or later。”
Wilmot was solemnly nodded.,It is struggling to hide the shock and turmoil。
Since the summer appears here,I am afraid that Goss and his elite have died in the dead.。
what does this mean,Willmot is clear by anyone。
This appearance is not surprisingly,This killer list ranks first killer king,It is absolutely strong than the legendary,absolute!He once again aware of,Western underground world is too deep。
Even if he is like a master of the underground world,If you are not careful,Sufficient to be drowned。
NS2684chapter Of course, it is an abandonment.
Next day,Message of the black snake and madman,Like a windy wind,In the very short time, sweatest the entire summer。
For all major forces and masters that come to challenge,This is undoubtedly sensitive news。
Time,Western underground world is extremely chaotic,Many medium and medium-sighted power have a big shuffle。
The last winner,It is a black snake and a madman.。
Black Snake Wilmurt,Can’t be mysterious,It is said that there is a half-God’s war。
And the madman’s Gos is more。
He tangled a master from the murderer list,All the way,Invincible。
Short a few days,The strength of these two great power,It’s comparable to first-class forces.。
In many people’s forecasts,Black snake will have a battle with the madman,The winner will directly promote the first-class power。
But in this point,The challenge of the world’s hegemony begins。
And the two majors have also come to Xiayiwei at the same time.。
Never thought,Just a night,Two majors at the same time。
But any master who gets the message,Everything is particularly concerned about this matter,Taking things in the dragon。
Shortly after,Also exposed more inside。
“The madman’s Gos and the elite were killed in the sea view manor,Everyone is http://www.changzhibao.cnfatal as a shot,Geos, a half-level strong, is no exception,Mid,And the head is broken。”
“Black snake will die many people,However, his leader Wilmot was seriously injured.,He let go,The shot is the king of the legendary killer——bullet!”
“It’s him,The mysterious killer who created a bulk,I didn’t expect him to be so powerful.,I can use the gun to kill the half-god master。”
“……”But when you get a message,Many masters are shocked。
In many great forces and masters,The so-called killer is just a mouse that only sneaks behind behind.。