Tarrose and other members,It’s so soon being taken under the knife.http://www.lyjinfu.cn,Becomes a corpse。

Just——Summer is not happy after the enemy。
Comparable between look。
“Finally,It is a beautiful wish I am deep in my heart.……”Press these ideas,Snake knife,Summer face re-blooming smile,Turn around,“Master……”However, not finished,The old man interrupted him.,“You are not summer!”
I heard this sentence,Summer。
The elders have a dignified color in the eyes of the old,“Summer has not left me from small to big.,I am very clear about his strength.,You are never summer,Who are you?!”
“Me……”Summer open mouth,But I don’t know how to respond。
“Hehehe,He is of course a summer,But not now summer。”
at this time,A soft voice came。
Accompanied by sound,A hair is white with eyebrows,But only four or five men in the face,The step is slowly coming in.。
Man wearing a white robe,Being white,Face like a baby,There is a taste of a fairy style bone。
See him,Summer is first,Follow the big change,“Rush!”
Rush!It is rushing!He didn’t see the summer,Continue to walk,A pair of wise eyes,I have been watching the old man。
“You are just a beautiful illusion of his heart.,Put away。”
Old man,Look at the summer。
Follow,As if the face is fixed,The old man’s figure is slowly broken。
This is in the summer of the summer.,Let him anger,Kill。
Maybe,I am screaming。http://www.newlandshop.cn
Residual shadow,A figure is up and down to the valley,Look straight to the light,“My master!”
Summer murderous murder,Fall up。
Actually is a good sound。
This……what happened!“Your master?”
Look forward to the look,The face is gentle,Smile。
“Of course, I was killed by me.,She can better than eight years ago,Can be eight years later,Kill her like a slaughter,She still has no cave,It’s too weak.。”
NS2448Chapter Trip
Rushing,Let the summer have become extremely wrong with the good sound in summer.。
Both people are smart people。
It is not difficult to speculate on the fact that they can’t believe。
“Ha ha。”
Light smile。
A pair of scorpions are still gentle,But a strangeness that can’t be said。