Announced the seven-zero-seven-zero that the bandits of the bandits。

Lin looked at the time,Show sleeper,Crawling two beans from the sleeves,Throw it on the ground。
Instant of the beans landing。 Immediate money。
Golden armored gun。
Those living bandits saw the armor,More scared and fled。
“A fairy。”
“A fairy。Escape!Escape。”
Lin loudly stared at the golden tavern, which has been cleaned up, is quite satisfactory.。
Their long guns have actually played 3% power under cooperation.。
This Lin responds,《Saizi》Real power is no concern。
As long as there is enough beans to become a golden armor,And so close together,Power has indeed satisfied with the forest。
Seventy-fifth chapter follow-up
Lin looked back,See the golden corpse and bandits of the body and bandits。
What is more than people??
Show sleeper,Throw the beans in the sleeves on the ground。
Golden eyes。
The appearance of the golden soldiers is in the battlefield。
Some of the bandits,See this scene,It’s scared to run.。
The rest is more than the golden armor.。
Living also losing the armor,Peach。
Living forest is not concerned,It is a dead person.。
Those bandits being killed,At this moment it became a goddess。
Golden armor does not have any grievances,Reward,over time,The living corpse is set by tape。
The last one is killed,Those golden soldiers change back to beans,The wind is blown.。
Lin loudly, I don’t believe it is so big, and the mage will not know.?
Back to the second floor from the roof,Push a room,Go in and lying down the big mouth。
《Saizi》Seemingly convenient,In fact, the more,The more physical strength consumed。
Xiao Er hiding in the room and didn’t hear the movement,Snoving through the window and sneaking,He saw so many bodies outside the inn,Scared, hurry to lock the window。
Try carefully,No movement。
Be careful to open the door,Room to the guest of the guest,Whispered:
“Are you hungry??I will give you a meal now.。”