They just walked before,Old can’t wait to listen to the news,Collect customer information,So the next time I welcome it.。

This girl with Chen Linzhi,After half a day, he bought a yacht.,In addition to this other,Just take care of the East to the weeks。
NS231chapter You have fallen
The number of people with the ability to become more,And the company has no important transaction in the short term,Since Chen Linzhi, Chen Linzhi in March,Until this May, no distant doors。
Land planning and utilization plan located by Pengcheng,The fund is temporarily not arrived.,Just pay the money to buy the land first。
Chen Linzhi and Gao Bo,I know that now the official exchange rate is changed to a US dollar exchange of about five four fifth,Compared with the two nine minings last year, there are many,Can also represent hundreds of thousands of dollars that Chen Linzhi,I haven’t come yet, and I will quickly shrink.。
Remember that the future exchange rate stays in a dollar exchange for eight yuan or more,Chen Linzhi couldn’t help but feel a headache。
I can only continue to continue through foreign trade business and clothing footwocks.,Make up the invisible loss of this piece,Considering that a large amount of funding is required for construction factories and office buildings、staff domitory,Single from the short term, it is definitely not worth it.。
Thinking of going to eat meat first,Rear admission drink soup,Have such a Ming Huang foreign project as a signboard,There is an opportunity to get an extra convenience in the future.,What’s more, etc.,Maybe you can bring some profits,Chen Linzhi is calm。
The wave packs a few days,Chen Linzhi once again copied the assets you have。
The stock temporarily earned money,No need to adjust the position from the large market view,There are a lot of idle funds,Being no need to cash in。
More than half of the foreign trade business is being eroded,And there are fleets、Marketable group of people compare,Chen Linzhi completely dominant,The company’s sales increased job-hopping,He chose to look on,Only when it is saved dismiss employees’ compensation,We do not need so many salespeople promotion。
As fledgling retail clothing business,Every day to make some money is not enough Chen Linzhi daily expenses。
However, because the new shop、Rich in style,Coupled with staring“Foreign brands”Aura,Three stores already on sale,Currently sales are pretty good,Gross profit can be up to 85 per cent,This is Chen Linzhi worry people have no money on hand,In the case deliberately set low prices of some。
Years of reform and opening time,The first batch of rich people began to emerge,Like Big Brother、Imported appliances、Motorcycles and other commodities are all hot-selling goods,Thirty-four ten money to buy a foreign brand short sleeve,Even the girls are ordinary families can afford,The key is to spread out a face,Those with separate stall trade zone came,When buying clothes on which to spread,Air conditioning can also blow cool?
Even shopping guide clerk,According to Chen Linzhi are envisaged,Women dressed in suit、Fitting white shirt,Extra bonus points card to buy things,Reaches a certain amount can be exchanged for some imported commodities,Including lighter、postcard、Belt。
Previously vanity was suppressed,Every household is different.,More places in comparison,What is this year?“import”Label,No matter how good or bad, you can rose。
Chen Linzhi’s only requirement for high enrollment is to steadily,Steady development,Accumulated experience expansion store quantity,I still have to earn how much profit I can’t earn.。
It seems,Many places that spend money,Can lack enough stable profit channels。
Turn over1986It’s almost half of the year.,Chen Linzhi only earned a money from the stock market,20% of the total assets。
Can others reach this?,Difficult tooth can laugh,Chen Linzhi is different from them,Slightly reflect on your own negative lake,Think about Gates more prosperous,After a few months, Microsoft launched,May be caught up by him.,How can this tolerance??
Finally picking the spirit,I almost I have forgotten by him.,The batch of joint private equity funds that touch the fish every day……
Established San Francisco Joint Private Equation Fund last year,Mainly for convenience,Enter the foreign exchange futures trading market with the name of the fund。
Subsequently became famous,Chen Linzhi also sent an amount of a penalty for the employee,Then I almost forgot them.。
The office is on the joint trading company,But Chen Linzhi hasn’t been to it for a long time.,Throwing two million dollars in early year, let them play freely,Just hit a round of stock market,It’s more than $ 500,000.。
Twelve employees left,The initial intern has long been turned,A group of people keep this asset,Every day, go to get off work, mix days。
More than 300 square meters of office area,There is still more than more than more than more than ten work days.,A small area,Some employees buy coffee machine at their own expense、Ping pong table、TV set、Yoga mat,Others bury the novel all day,Free self-esteem。
Even the supervisor is not much tube,Instead, three differentials are too late.,Change the trick to find an excuse。
After all, the company really can do,And they found that Chen Linzhi from the boss,It is already like forgotten them.,This doesn’t matter,As long as the pay is regularly arrived。
9:00 in the morning。
When Chen Linzhi came to the floor of private equity fund company,Standing at the door and listening to it“Hage Haha!”Voice,This is a employee being twisted waist exercise,Hula hoop turns quickly,While shaking, lifting dumbbells,The body is obviously much strong than last year.。