This is a sad parting scene,But it contains a sincere friendship between the man tree and the woman tree。

Actually, the man tree must be looking forward to it,The woman Fang Shu can see the portrait he painted for her,In this way they might have a future。
Unfortunately,The woman Fangshu didn’t turn over the library card,So I haven’t found。
Wait till the end of the movie,The group of female students smiled and gave the book to her again,When asked her to turn over the library card,All the emotions came out,Made her cry。
But now,This scene is full of subtle friendship。
The man tree hopes the woman tree can see the portrait,The woman tree didn’t know that the man tree was leaving,Still a little happy that he came to visit him。
All this little warm.Ignorant,Constitutes this drama。
After so many days with Shen Huan,Han Dong’er and he are already familiar。
Although the relationship has never developed to the point of being a friend,Anyhow, everyone can be called friends。
Mainly because Shen Huan was too clingy,Pull Han Donger to chat whenever you have time,Even if Han Donger doesn’t like to talk,,Listening to him telling his understanding of the plot,Tells about various ways to improve acting skills,Still not disgusted。
she knows,My shortcomings in acting are too big,Even worse than Shen Huan。
therefore,Shen Huan is also helping her。
The most important thing,Han Donger noticed,Although Shen Huan is warm with her,But never meant to be frivolous and peeping。
The eyes of this little boy are always pure,Just like him,So clean。
Of course,This kind of like is not the like of men and women,But a very simple appreciation。
So when shooting this scene,It only took two days,The two are in the right state,Finished filming this scene。
With the woman tree holding books,She smiled shyly and watched the man tree ride away,The role of young actor and actress,It’s over!
《love letter》The crew is not a big crew,Zhu Mei is not so hypocritical。
At night,She called all the cast and crew,Four banquets were set up in the home of the fellow,It’s just to see them off。
Thinking that my first performance in my life is over,Shen Huan feels a bit strange。