I thought it was in a dream,Her brother Adong is singing。

I didn’t expect the singing to come from my girlfriend’s mobile phone。
Stand up,She stared at the phone in Qiao Yan’s hand,Completely stunned。
It’s Adong’s voice,For Adong’s singing,Seems too familiar。
From small to large,They are in the mountains,I will sing loudly almost every day。
I was so happy at that time!
Qiaoyan sees it like doing it,Looking at her mobile phone,Seems to be attracted by singing,Then smiled:“Does it sound nice,The singer’s name is also Adong……”
Listen to what Qiao Yan said,As if the body couldn’t help shaking。
No longer doubt,At this moment she is sure,It’s his Adong brother singing!
Qiao Yan raised her voice,The vicissitudes of singing in the phone……
Who will know what the future holds
Is happiness just a legend I will never find
I am a little bird
I want to fly but I can’t fly high
I am looking for looking for looking for a warm embrace
Is this requirement too high?
Just like hearing these lyrics,Emotional collapse,Uncontrollable tears drip!