At the bottom of this society,Few people have a good time,Everyone has the unspeakable sadness of everyone。

Ye Wenwen usually looks cheerful and generous,Unexpectedly, there are so many hardships hidden。
only,Life is hard,But most people have not given up hope for the future,Still struggling to move forward。
“My mother was trying to earn me tuition,Also experienced a lot of bitterness,She chooses to marry a older woman10Multi-year old man,Not entirely for herself。”
“It is precisely because she has suffered a lot,So she doesn’t want me to suffer like that again,I have always hoped that I can find a man with a wealthy family to marry,Don’t fight alone in this society。”
“she says,That way,Difficult。”
Ye Wenwen was talking,There are already faint tears in the eyes。
Chapter 43 Flirtation
The hot pot meal took more than an hour,I added some vegetables in the middle。
Ye Wenwen wanted to pay for it herself,Fang Hao paid the bill,The reason is simple——He earned a model today5000Dollar cash,Worth celebrating。
And most of the things I ordered were eaten by Fang Hao。
The reason he asked him to pay the bill was not because Ye Wenwen was pretty,Mainly because this girl’s economic status is not very good,Some of her can’t be eaten。
Tuesday,It’s Ye Wenwen’s mother’s birthday。
She should be going to work this day,But to celebrate her mother’s birthday,Took a day off。
After eating breakfast with Fang Hao,Two people set off。
Ye Wenwen’s mother lives outside Guan,A little distance,If you take a taxi,Slightly expensive,So two people went there by subway。
After leaving the subway,Took another bus,This is the community where her mother lives。
The houses in that community look much more exotic than those in Hongjing Garden,But the price is not as high as there。