Put things down,Qin Liang is the same as usual,Habitually walked to Liu Rushi’s bed and greeted her with concern。

the first time,Liu Rushi smiled and answered him。
“Yeah,Boss,Your gun is not good!”
Liu Xiaoyun walked behind Qin Liang,Suddenly said aloud。
“what!real or fake?”
Qin Liang subconsciously reached out and touched his waist……
Liu Xiaoyun winked at Liu Rushi triumphantly,meaning is;Look,I’m not talking nonsense。
Liu Rushi is quite speechless,It seems that everything Liu Xiaoyun said is true!
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Chapter Three Hundred and Forty Unreasonable
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“You kid,Are you naughty again??”
Qin Liang reached out and touched his waist,The gun is hung on the special hook,He knew right away that Liu Xiaoyun was deliberately punishing him。
“Nowhere……I just missed it。”