[How to make dried pork ribs]_How to do_How to do


[How to make dried pork ribs]_How to do_How to do

In fact, the pork ribs are also a common bacon ingredient. Many friends also like the pork ribs because its bones are very flavorful.

The flavor of the pork ribs needs to be released when it is made.

Griddle pork ribs are relatively easy to make, and you can make them at home. The taste is superb with some refreshing vegetables.

Ingredients: Raw pork ribs, raw bamboo shoots, bean sprouts, salad oil, salt and salt cooking wine, white sugar, chicken essence, braised oil, moderate garlic head, small amount of garlic, small amount of ginger, dried pepper, and cinnamon.

Heat the pan, pour the salad oil, throw the cinnamon into the oil to fry the fragrance and remove it (just keep the fragrance!



Turn off the heat, add ginger and dried peppers, and fry them.

(Remember, first fry the ginger for a while, then dry the peppers. Fry the peppers for a while, it’s easy to paste.)

) 3.

Pour in the pork ribs, add a little sugar, and saut茅 the cooking wine for a while.


When the ribs emit a seductive scent, add a small lid to cover the lid for a while.

(It’s almost 3/4, don’t put too much water in the wok.

) 5.

While the ribs are ready, we prepare a small hot pot. Pour a few drops of oil into the pot to preheat the small heat.


After about ten minutes, pour the head of lettuce into the ribs and continue to simmer.

(It’s almost seven or eight minutes!

) 7.

Finally, add chicken essence, garlic head and garlic, stir well and pour onto the prepared bean sprouts.