[Drinking sheep soup to get angry]_Benefit_Efficacy


[Drinking sheep soup to get angry]_Benefit_Efficacy

Sheep soup is actually a winter food.

Many people make sheep soup to nourish their bodies after the winter.

But many people also like to drink sheep soup in summer.

Many people think that drinking sheep soup in summer will get angry.

So, drink sheep soup to get angry?

In fact, it depends on everyone’s physical fitness.

If everyone’s constitution is easy to get angry, then drinking sheep soup will get angry.

You can drink mutton soup in summer and summer, and it is also good for your health. It also has the effect of treating winter disease and summer. Therefore, there are traditional customs of eating mutton in many places. Many people think that mutton is hot and nourishing, so drink mutton in summer.Soup easily gets angry.

In fact, the claim that mutton soup gets hot in the summer is a dietary misunderstanding.

You can drink mutton soup at least in summer, and it is also good for your health. It also has the effect of treating winter disease and summer, so many places have the traditional custom of eating mutton.

Physician Gu Lingyun, deputy chief physician of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Department of Beijing Military Region General Hospital, pointed out that drinking mutton soup in the summer is easy to get angry is a misunderstanding.

Because mutton can tonicity, tonic energy, aphrodisiac, and appetizer.

涓変紡澶╂槸鍏ㄥ勾姘旀俯銆佹箍搴︽渶楂樼殑瀛h妭锛屾瀛h妭浜轰綋闃虫皵涔熸渶涓哄厖瓒筹紝鍔犱箣鑷劧鐣屼篃鏄竴娲剧伀鐑紝鍠濈緤鑲夋堡鍙互褰㈡垚鈥樺唴澶栧す鍑烩€欙紝浣夸綋鍐呭瘨姘旈┍閫愪綋澶栵紝鑳借捣鍒版俯涓暎瀵? The effect of warming qi and blood, so as to achieve the purpose of winter disease and summer treatment.

In addition, modern people generally use external air conditioners in summer and take cold drinks internally, which can easily cause cold invasion and coldness in the spleen and stomach. This is also one of the main causes of modern people suffering from rheumatic diseases such as stomach disease, neck, shoulder, waist, and leg pain.

Drinking a bowl of mutton soup can achieve the effects of expelling cold and detoxifying, warming the stomach and promoting body health.

From the perspective of “winter treatment in winter and summer disease”, drinking mutton soup in summer is more effective in treating tuberculosis, bronchitis, insufficiency of blood and qi, as well as softness of waist and knees and deficiency in winter.

Southwestern China, northern Jiangsu, northern Anhui, eastern Henan and other regions all have the tradition of eating mutton in San Futian.

Because the locals believe that this method can “treat heat with heat, sweat and detoxify”, these areas have long been spreading “a bowl of soup in the summer, without the need for a prescription from a divine doctor”, “to eat mutton soup in the summer, and not to wear a sweater in winter”of.

According to reports, last year, the sales volume of mutton in the urban area of Xuzhou City alone for 4 days was 400,000 kilograms, and the lamb shop was full every day.

Scientific research proves that mutton is not only easy to digest, but also high in protein and low in concentration. It contains lecithin accumulation and low cholesterol content. It also contains vitamins B1, B2 and trace elements such as nicotinic acid, zinc, calcium and iron, which can supplement blood.Yiqi, nourishing yin and keeping face.

So people often call mutton soup “a gas station for men, a beauty salon for women.”

Experts remind: people with cold, cough, skin disease and hemoptysis should not eat mutton.

People with yin deficiency and fire should also eat less.

In addition, drink tea immediately after eating mutton, otherwise constipation is likely to occur.

It is not advisable to eat mutton, otherwise it will cause bloating. If bloating occurs after eating mutton, mulberry tea can be used to resolve it.