“Deal with these people,Some means is necessary,If you give me some sweetness,They will say everything,After all they are for money,So there is no need to bear more pain“Xi Zhen said very proudly。

At this moment, Guo Meili walked in,She glanced at Xia Jian and said:“President Xia!If these people go to block the gate of the resort tomorrow,What to do?“
“Will not,At least no one will go in the last few days。You will communicate with Manager Ruan in time tomorrow,Ask about the progress of Mr. Xu,Give me feedback in time“Xia Jian said seriously。
Guo Meili nodded,Then dealt with a few more things,The three of them drove back to Pingdu。When they enter the city,Wanjia Lighting。
Xia Jian sent Guo Meili and Xi Zhen to the employee apartment of the Venture Group,He drove to Yipinju。Since he promised Qin Xiaomin to go to the appointment,Then he has to look like。
The appointment time is eight o’clock in the evening,But at seven forty minutes,Xia Jian has arrived downstairs at Yipinju,He parked the car,So I called Qin Xiaomin。
Qin Xiaomin on the phone heard that Xia Jian had arrived,Couldn’t help but smile:“Third floor302Private room,I’m inside”Xia Jian was stunned,He wanted to run ahead,I didn’t expect Qin Xiaomin to come earlier than him。
A very tasteful private room,Not too small,But it’s a waste of two people sitting here to eat。The moment Xia Jian opened the door and walked in,Was infected by the environment here。
Qin Xiaomin long hair shawl,A long plaid skirt brings out her slender figure and elegant temperament。When she saw Xia Jian,A sweet smile appeared on his face,It felt like she was drinking honey in her heart。
“Why are you here so early?”Xia Jian took off his coat,Put it on the next chair。When he asked Qin Xiaomin this,Looked up at her。He http://www.szroom8.cn was stunned in an instant,The well-dressed Qin Xiaomin is really beautiful。He thinks she is no different from other movie stars。
Qin Xiaomin said with a smile:“Date you,I don’t want to be late。Sit down!Don’t stand silly”
Xia Jian recovered,So he sat down opposite Qin Xiaomin。Qin Xiaomin passed the recipe over and said:“Order!It’s this time,You are probably hungry too”
“Order this matter,Or you come。What do you order,I like to eat”Xia Jian said with a big smile。
A word from Xia Jian inadvertently,Make Qin Xiaomin happy,She smiled and asked:“really?You like whatever i order?”
“I’m not picky eaters,Just order whatever you want!As long as it suits your taste”Xia Jian said this,The smile on Qin Xiaomin’s face disappeared instantly。The subtle changes on Qin Xiaomin’s face,Xia Jian also found out,He just can’t understand,Why did Qin http://www.aoliangzhiyi.cn Xiaomin change like this。
It seems a woman’s mind,He Xia Jian will never understand,Sometimes I can only pretend to be a fool。
Qin Xiaomin ordered the dishes,He took a breath and asked Xia Jiandao:“You left from the provincial capital last time,Where did you go?Can you tell the truth”Qin Xiaomin changed the topic,Suddenly asked about it。
Woman active thinking,Xia Jian was caught off guard,He doesn’t know how he should answer Qin Xiaomin’s question。Xia Jian hesitated for a while,Finally took a breath,So he told Xie Xiaoya on the train from beginning to end.。Of course,He went to the venture group and told Qin Xiaomin without leaving a word.。