“If you really want me to speak,Actually such a problem,I think,There should be a good solution。”

When Wang Teng’s words are finished,obviously,This point for the moment,What will it represent,Actually this,Is very obvious。
And the more so,Actually from now on,What will this bring,Actually this matter,Wang Teng is about to solve http://www.3650597.cn it。
“Humph,You have no chance。”
Wang Teng said,He directly pressed Hong Deshao’s throat in front of him,Lightly。
quickly,A sharp sound rang。
Look again,But found,Hong Deshao has fallen directly。
“Patriarch,How could even the Patriarch be dealt with?。”
“Really exaggerated,Who could think of this before?”
“But these http://www.ping-yuan.cn are not the point of the problem,Next,What should we do?”
Now,With the people around,One after another watching。
After all, such a problem,What will it bring,at this point,It’s actually quite important。
And Wang Teng,Is talking coldly:“Your Patriarch has been dealt with by me。”
“Now words,Either you http://www.paulight.cn surrender to me,Either,What are the consequences,You know it in your heart!”
slowly,As Wang Teng subconsciously looked in front of him。
obviously,These things,What should I do,Actually, it’s already very clear。