Out of the city and ran west for more than ten miles!I saw a small yard at the foot of the mountain from far away。It’s just that the lights in the http://www.dsyhome.cn yard are bright,People come and go,Seems to have a lot of customers。

Wu Wu parked the car,Wang Youcai opened the car door and jumped down。He went straight to the second floor,Knocked on216Room number。Lan Ling opened the door,She seems to be one step early。
Leaning against the table,Sat a short chubby,Man in his forties。Wang Youcai met this man,His name is Wen Shuilong,Is an invisible businessman。He came to Pingdu to invest,Not show up,Can do a very big business。
“Oh, hello, Mr. Wen!I’m sorry to disturb you in the middle of the night“Wang Youcai jumped up,Busy stretched out his hands。
Wen Shuilong owes a fat body,Reached out and shook Wang Youcai’s hand,Smiled with an elusive look on his face:“Say from Mr. Wang,It’s still early,It’s when eating and singing“
“President Wang, please sit down!“Lan Ling said,So I poured a cup of tea for http://www.hbsmgg.cn Wang Youcai。
Wang Youcai smiled and said:“Mr. Wen!Let’s open the window and talk brightly,I have some brothers arrested in your beauty international,You have to do it yourself“Wang Youcai didn’t go around,Then came straight to the point。
Wen Shuilong smiled and said:“your people?What does this have to do with me?You have to clarify“Wen Shuilong made a clear line in a word。
Wang Youcai is not a fool,He laughed:“Mr. Wen!Beauty International is yours, right!Lan Ling is also yours, right!Then the group of women she leads have nothing to do with you?“
“You’re right,They are all my people,I would say this to anyone“Chong Wang Youcai smiled in the warm water dragon skin smile。
Wang Youcai took a sip of the tea Lan Ling handed him,Suddenly laughed:“Mr. Wen!Don’t forget,My people are watching the scene for you,If you mess up,Don’t let any of http://www.huabao88.cn us fall,Don’t blame the brothers for their loose mouths“Wang Youcai finished,Get up immediately,Walked out。
Just when he walked to the door,Wen Shuilong just yelled:“President Wang stayed!Let’s talk slowly,Don’t need to be so anxious!Wen Shuilong motioned to Lan Ling,Lan Ling ran over,Took Wang Youcai and sat back。
“Mr. Wen!The situation is a bit endangered,I’m afraid which of my brothers can’t stand it,If everything is said,Then let’s…“Wang Youcai talked but stopped。
Wen Shuilong nodded,Took out the phone,Just listen to him chatting in the local dialect for a long time,After hanging up,The wet water dragon is full of smiles。He smiled and said:“As long as you don’t kill people in Pingdu,Normal things are really not things。But since Mr. Wang has done this,,You should make more use of social relations“
Wen Shuilong’s words are very clear,Of course Wang Youcai can understand,But he doesn’t want to take this topic,But a smile,It’s an answer to Wen Shuilong。