Arrange the mission,Blue Carriers and Von Mana have went to her home together.,Feng Zixiong knows that they are going to Qinglong Mountain Training Base.,There is no harm in this era of school shooting.,Because the blue long-made phone call him spending money to make two children to learn some skills,So he didn’t doubt。

These two days of blue rouge live in Feng Manna’s home,In the middle of the night, she wants to enter the study of Feng Zixiong.,But because there is no key, she can’t get it.,She doesn’t work with her trial window.
Turn over the sky,She told this situation rumored,So I taught her to practice unlocking,And gave her a set of unlocked tools。
Rui Rui has a primary hike,Unlock is the basic skill,This technology is only a trick.,Blue Kwim is under basic two days,This evening, she really used the unlocking tool to open the door of Feng Zixiong.,Put the bug in the desk of Feng Zixiong。
Three days later,A guest wheel,Some students call the anti-Japanese slogan at the bow,Rui sharpness of makeup is also on this board,Because he is worried about Blue Carrier and Von Manna.,He must ensure that this action is smooth。
Zheng Yao did not board the ship,This action is handed over to Song Zhe,The next story is basically the same as the spy battle drama,The northern ship has always been stared by Song.。
Rarely observed everything,He has seen the purezo on the well.,I also saw Blue Carrier,This gimmick is still pretending to be blind in the game.,This is Zheng Yao first,Just let them be a general passenger。
Song Zi didn’t know that Blue Carry is a person,As a result, I saw her subtissions in the play, I copied her in the cabin.,This time is not Blue Kwims.,It is rumored to save her,Handcuffs also help her。
“Who are you!Why help me??”
“Hurry to deck!Don’t delay things!Go quickly!”Rumor,
“You are Rui?”Blue blushing, hearing is a rude voice,Then hurry to him:“Ritual!I found the devil special agent.!So several people!”
“Fool!Just let you be an ordinary passenger,Who makes you guess who is a devil special!Hurry to deck!”Now Song Qi has found a purezo on the well.,So arresting action has begun,Blue blush, this protagonist must be present,Otherwise, the key plot of the rush box on the well is can’t trigger.。
Waiting for the loose back to the deck, I found unexpectedly or happened.,Well, purers have been arrested by two agents,Her handbag has been taken by the agent,The inho is no longer chance to change the rouge box.,Qi Rui has to show the gods to the nephew to steal the rouge box.,Let the well on the well look at yourself into the blush box into the bag of Blue Car.。
In the well, the foundation did not expect that there is a person on board.,But she is very strange why he does not take the information directly.,Just when she is strange,There are two Song’s hands to make the guns to raise their hands to accept the inspection.,In the well, this is a master who understands himself.,If you search from a man, you will finish the used rouge box.。
North Boat 2 and the inho,After going to the boat, she passed the news to the car to pick up her ferry.,After the blue carp and von Manna went to the boat, Zheng Yao first replaced the true intelligence with the fake information prepared in advance.。
After getting the information, Blue Carriers and Vonmanna returned to Feng Zikang,At this time, the Watanabe Yiro also told the situation in Blue Kazawa.,Just when he sent people to investigate the blue rouge,Feng Zixiong called,Tell them that Blue Carry is in your own home,Intelligence has been discovered in her rouge box,He has now sent an officer to send it.。
Qingmu Wu Ma waiting when he got an intelligence,Feng Zixiong also called the rescue Congress,Soon Song Ziqi rushed to Fengzhai,At this time, in another house,Von Mana is crying。
“Mana!Zheng Changguan has long found that your parents do things for the Japanese.,But they know that you are patriotic,If you tell you directly, you will definitely not believe it.,So I can only use this way to let you hear yourself.,Don’t be too sad!”Blue carp persuaded,
Parents are the truth,Von Manna is now the most concerned about their end.,Nervous asked:“rouge!Is Zheng Changguan still said?,How do they treat my parents??”
“Mana!Don’t worry,I will go to Zheng Changshi with you.!”
At this time,Suddenly I came from Feng Haki to explode and gunshots,Von Mana broke away from Blue Carrier,As a result, I saw some casual clothes to carry a few bodies to the car.。
“father……!mother……!”Von Mana cried and rushed to the car。
Chapter 72 Secret book
The gunshots in Fengzhai are all Zheng Yaojia and Rui’s smoke bomb.,It is to let the devil specialist think that Feng Zixiong couple and his hands have been killed.,This special high class will send people to find Feng Manna.,Because Feng Zixiong’s spy network secret is only she may know。
Von Mana was stopped by two people yet.,She crying:“You let you open!I want to see my mother.!”
“Mana!Take us with us!”Zheng Yao first whisper,
“Mana!Do not talk!Continue to cry!Take us with us!”Rui is also whispered,
Von Mana and Blue Koff are listening to Zheng Changshi and Rui Rui,So I followed them,Wained the prison of the special agent,Sure enough, Feng Zi Xiong and Mrs. Feng are still good.。
It turned out that Song Zi took people a clear,Zheng Yao first quietly sneaked into Feng Xiaofei with the four people of Song Xiaofan and Zhao Jian.,Because there is still important thing to take。
Rui Rui has two purposes,The first purpose is to control Mrs. Feng in advance, do not let her commit suicide.,Let Zheng Yao first control Feng Zixiong and his deputy official,The second is the collection of Feng Zixiong。
Zheng Yao first made Feng Manna to hear it for a while with her parents.,This is a lot of meaning,Because this is a test for her,Qi Rui knows that Feng Zixiong will let Feng Manna take his phonetic book to find green martial arts,If Feng Mana doesn’t talk to Zheng Yao first, it is really going home to find a collection.,Then she can’t use it.。
At this time, the Tekou Wushen is also a message.,Feng Zixiong’s home not only has a gun sound and explosion,He is immediately sent to the side of a lake.,The news obtained is Feng Zixiong couple being caught by the enemeria.,Their daughter von Mana is still alive。
“How did he expose?!?”Greenmark is very unsubstant,