I want to let me borrow you.,You give me a mortgage.,Ok, let me have a bottom one.。”

“I……”Wang Chaoang wants to open,A car key flooded,Throw it on the gambling table,At the same time, a voice came from rear.:
“See how much I do this.?”
The four people on the gambling table stunned,Then follow the http://www.baoshanxiuhuadian.cn reply,This discovered that it has come to the front of the king and others.。
Middle-aged man to see Wang Flow,Look at the car key throwing on the table,Surprised in the eyes,Outue a greedy,Car key, he just knows,Know that this is a Rolls-Royce car key,At least it is also a lot of luxury cars.,This is to win……
Middle-aged male,So from free mouth,Reast,It is still brought on the eyes of the king.,Passionate:
“friend,Do you want to play two??”
You are really stupid or greedy?This can’t see it, is I come to the field??
Wang is glanced at him.,I flash in my eyes.,Lazy,Turned,Watching Wang Chao。
Wang Chao also saw him,The face is full of surprise and panic,I don’t dare to look at him low.,Heartful way:“Small、Small stream,How did you come?”
“Do you say??I will not come again.,You will sell yourself, I don’t know.。”Wang traffic is not good。
Word is ignored,Middle-aged man is a little annoyed,Wen said more uncomfortable:“Eh,How did you speak this??What is called him, I don’t know.?You mean that we have cheated him in the partnership.?”
The king is lazy to see him,Staring at Wang Chao,road:“Still playing?”
Wang Chao expression entanglement,These days he own money,Coupled with the support from the construction site,Light cash, he lost 50,000,Already owe 60,000 gambling debts,Add a piece of more than 100,000 pieces,So much money, this is so drifting,He is a bit unwilling。
It can look at the jealous face of Wang.,Just finally determined,I want to fight again.,Take money back,I didn’t dare to tell him.,Struggle for a few seconds,Fiercely:
“Don’t play。”
“Then I will walk with me.。”Wang Flow lost the sentence,Turn away。
Wang Chaomer,Just want to keep up,Listen to the middle-aged male road:
“and many more,I want to go,But first, I will put it on the money I owe me.。”
I have been ignored twice,Also take Wang Chao,He is still silly and can see it.,Wang Liu is not good.,I am too lazy to disguise,Directly,Stretching in front of Wang Chao。
Unfortunately, the posture has not been putted for three seconds.,The hand that stretched out was clamped by Duan Qi.,Like a hard-working hard,At the same time, I laughed and smiled.,Hand’s dark stamp。
Middle-aged man instantly hurts the mouth,Roar:“Let go,Let him let me go.,呦~”
Wang Chao is a little stupid。
“Why,Hurry。”Duan Qi him,Urge。
“Oh oh。”Wang Chao is awake,I am busy with the king to go.。
Haven’t arrived at the door yet,Have a group of people outside,The two of the two winds that have just been in the door have just been in the door.,80% is not a wonderful,I just called someone.,Now shouting people,I still carry guys in my hand.,Another momentum is bold back,Marvel:
“Who is he is a trouble??I don’t want to listen to before I have come.,See who this is~~Clang、Gui?”
Head a red hair,The gorge is still not finished.,I saw Huang Wei who followed in Wang traffic at a glance.,Instant a machine,Body is stissible,Stunned。
Huang http://www.zzplot.cn Wei glanced at him,road:“know me?”
Red hair efforts nodded,road:“recognize、know,I、I am mixed with Kun Gong。”
“Kunzi,It turned out to be him,That’s good。”Huang Wei smoked,Look at the king:“Total Wang,You take a person first.,I will give it to me here.,I must give you a satisfactory explanation。”
Wang traffic nodded,Lake up and continue to go outside the door。
Boss,A group of people who have just been tempered,I didn’t have a bottom gas in an instant.,Old man makes a road,Want to send the king out of the door。