The students in the elective course heard,Laughed,Some people took out their phones to take pictures。

Professor cursed Tao:“Someday,《Code of Hammurabi》Will punish you!”
The two looked at the professor’s anger and wig twitching,Ran out of the lecture hall with a smile,Lu Yi suddenly felt something was wrong,Anna Cao didn’t take this course,But I chose it myself!!!
Prelude-newborn Chapter Eleven Singer contest
“Dear classmates!Do you miss me?Welcome to the annual Top Ten Singers Contest on campus of Jingnan University of Technology!I am the host Ma Fengkuang,Everyone can call me Brother Mafeng,Or crazy brother!!!”An Afro boy wearing a bright yellow bright leather jacket stands passionately on the stage to report the curtain。
“Crazy brother!We love you(づ ̄3 ̄)づ╭?~”The audience under the stage screamed。
“Yo yo,My name is crazy,I love you all too,Let’s cheer up the competition of the top ten singers,Come on!The singer on stage tonight is very powerful,Strong can explode at any time!Yo yo,His name is little whirlwind,Put a green onion on the head,Like to sing a tornado at critical moments。Come on!Her name is heartthrob,Never eat trotters,Bai Shi Bai Ling’s poison will fascinate you。he is…………Let’s blast together,Applause flowers scream don’t stop,Yo yo,My name is crazy。”
The atmosphere of the scene was instantly ignited by a rap by the host Crazy Brother,The introduction of ten players on stage was also cleverly integrated into it。
“There are two brushes in charge of Kung Fu!Why didn’t I know there was such a fun place last year?”Cao Anna said to an audience nearby。
“You are talking to me?Do not,Do not,you do not know me,Do not,I don’t know you。”The audience next to you is wearing sunglasses、Face mask,Talk about it,Use the hood to cover yourself deeper。
“Lu Yi male ticket,Still angry with last night?I didn’t mean to hurt you,Besides, a life without science is incomplete,I often hang up,Not alive yet?”Anna Cao said to the mask man。
“Cough,You may have identified the wrong person。”
“Believe it or not?I ran to the stage to tell everyone,The wretched man sending emails is here!”Cao Anna radically said。