Yue Renwang glanced at Mo Xiaosheng in front of him,Squinted,I looked at Mo Xiaosheng’s back,Nodded,I have a plan in my mind。

Zhang Yiting also glanced at Mo Xiaosheng sitting in the front row,Unspeakable joy in my heart,He has seen the strength of King Yueren just now,Think Yuerenwang has a great chance of killing Mo Xiaosheng!
“Sorry,Keep everyone waiting,right now,Our show,Officially opened!”
Suddenly a very magnetic sound rang in the speaker,As the voice fell,The red curtain rises slowly,As expected by Mo Xiaosheng,The curtain rises,A cylindrical octagonal iron cage was exposed inside,The base of the cage is high,More than a meter,Covered with thick rolling mats,And the volume of the cage is much larger than the average cage,It’s more than ten meters in diameter。
At this time, a table has been placed on one side of the fighting cage,Full of informants and staff。
“The two players who will play in the first game today are……”
“and many more!”
Not waiting for the host to speak,Zhang Yiting stood up suddenly,Raise your hand to interrupt the speaker。
“This gentleman,Is there any problem?”
The narrator glanced at Zhang Yiting,Questioned。
Zhang Yiting was not in a hurry to speak,After the eyes of everyone in the venue are almost all on him,He has a chest,Said proudly:“I brought a friend this time,To challenge your arena,Win half of the prize pool!”
Zhang Yiting held his head upright,Point to the electronic screen above,Appear extremely confident,It seems that this half of the bonus has become his pocket!