[Effect of willow leaf soaked in water]_ benefits _ premise


[Effect of willow leaf soaked in water]_ benefits _ premise

Now is the spring season, the willow trees on the roadside in the park have grown new green teeth, bringing the breath of spring, and the willow leaves to be said today are the leaves of the weeping willow.Long branches have greening, beautiful effects, and high medicinal value, but they are best used for implantation and throwing willow leaves. The best buds in the early spring and summer are the best. The subsequent leaves are effective but not good.Then, let me introduce to you the effects of soaking in willow leaves.

The effect of willow leaves: Willow leaves are the leaves of willows of the willow family. The effect of willow leaves is to clear heat, rash, diuresis, detoxification, and willow leaves are used internally for the treatment of upper respiratory tract infections, bronchitis, pneumonia, and cystitis.Various infections such as pharyngitis. External application causes bloating, purulent mumps, and mastitis.

Efficacy classification: heat-clearing medicine, heat-clearing and detoxifying willow leaf efficacy and effect Willow leaf efficacy and action taste: bitter, cold, non-toxic.

Meridian: into the heart, spleen two meridians.

Efficacy: clearing heat and detoxifying, detoxifying rash, diuretic and phlegm.

Indications: Treatment of rash, poor turbidity, turbidity, scabies, edema, mastitis, goiter, erysipelas, scald, toothache.

Dosage: Oral administration: decoction, fresh person l-2 two.

For external use: wash with water, apply or apply cream at the end of the study.

Source: Willow leaves are the leaves of the willow willow family.

Willow leaf function: Willow leaf has the functions of clearing heat, rash, diuresis, and detoxification. Oral willow leaf is used to treat various infections of upper respiratory tract, bronchitis, pneumonia, cystitis, pharyngitis and other infections.Swelling, purulent mumps, mastitis, etc.

1. Willow leaf urinary turbidity: Qingming willow leaf decoction for tea, the more the degree.

(Jianfang Recipe for Endangered Lakes) 2. Willow leaves cure bloatedness and mastitis: willow leaves are chopped and boiled, filtered, residues are removed, concentrated to a syrup-like shape, and reserved for external application.

(Liaoning’s “Selected Materials for New Chinese Herbal Medicines” willow leaf paste) 3. Willow leaves will be cured into salted fish water after treatment. The danger is also under the willow decoction (serving).

Pickled fish water is not available for a few days, and the young can only be cured, and the elderly can’t be cured.

(“Cihui Xiaobian”) 4, Willow leaf treatment eyebrows itching: Weeping willow leaves, dry in the shade, pounding Luo as the end, every ginger juice, in the cast iron.

Paint it at night, and gradually use the hand to make the heat better.

(“Sheng Hui Fang”) 5. Willow leaf cures the malignant sore, and the unnamed person: boil the willow leaf skin, wash it; or accept less salt.

This again treats surface sores.

(“Behind the elbow”) 6, Liu Yezhi pediatric Dan, annoying: Liu Ye a pound.

Take a bucket of water, boil three liters, remove the slag, and wash the red spots, seven or eight degrees a day.

(The Secret of Mother-in-law)