Dendroblun light to the commander。 Lying down! Granite sound,Qi Jun suddenly stops the offensive,Original place defense。 I have already played exhausted,I heard the voice of Qi Jun withdrawing the army,Zhou Jun is also stopped,Then slowly retreat。 Just like two tigers Read More

He smiled,Looking at Yao Yu,Say,“So you are also my family,This way,I take you in……After all, you used to be a person I greeted.,I am standing here for you.。”

“Be used。” Yao Yu cold road。 “Um? Hexiao,Don’t know how to,Immediately take me。” Yao Yu is not moving。 “Luxurious goods!” 映 鸿 眼 神 神,The right hand suddenly explored,Lightning grabs Yao Yu’s arm。 At the same time,“Don’t face your Read More