Month: November 2021


昌平和李雅素同样如此。 以他们武王境的实力,此刻正Full face,巴结着军兵。 但是。 那些军兵中的两个人,却是极其敏锐感知到了夏天的目光。 唰。 他们说话间,猛地转目望来,斜睥夏天,眉头轻挑。 夏天心下一凛,暗道一声不妙,装作很随意的撇开目光,看向坐在对面的言子真和周曦。 他仍然暴露了。 两个军兵的异样,也让那一桌十多人纷纷望来。 他们自然不认识夏天和言子真,而周曦又背对着他们,同样认不出。 可是人群中的昌平和李雅素却是变了颜色。 “是他!” “王祤!” 两人齐齐惊呼。 Narrate,一桌子人的目光集中在两人身上。 “昌平师弟,雅素师妹,你们认识那个年轻人?” 其中一人问道。 “认识!” 昌平重重点了点头,神色之间闪动着杀意,更多的是忌惮。 李雅素的眼中透着恶毒之色,“这个小杂种和我们来自同一个地方,没想到他这么快就来无尽血海了。” One of the military soldiers smiled,Be unhappy,“That is not good,You will kill this kid to kill the city.。” Narrate。 Read More


Just in everyone’s eyes,Under the eyes of the public,Old 乞 丐 地 古 古 古 古。 Use the wooden stick that is not thick,Gently knock on its head。 Flame。 The sound is not high。 The ancient head of the ancient Read More

Arrange the mission,Blue Carriers and Von Mana have went to her home together.,Feng Zixiong knows that they are going to Qinglong Mountain Training Base.,There is no harm in this era of school shooting.,Because the blue long-made phone call him spending money to make two children to learn some skills,So he didn’t doubt。

These two days of blue rouge live in Feng Manna’s home,In the middle of the night, she wants to enter the study of Feng Zixiong.,But because there is no key, she can’t get it.,She doesn’t work with her trial window.。 Read More

“correct,Do one month,We tied hair up。”The white dream said, pick up the rubber band on the hair of the Shao Palace.。

“What is this ceremony??” “Will be a ceremony.,Girl before the battlefield,It has to switch the hairstyle to single horses.,I will give it to me.。” “OK。” that’s it,Two people,Double horsetail! “Rush,Rushing this exam,We have everything!”After entering the horsetail state,Shaoong seems to Read More