Month: October 2021

Since the spirit power levels of the two parties are not much different,Yan Shaozhe from Super Douluo is also present,So they suffered minor injuries,There were no casualties!And successfully became a disciple of Shrek Inner Court!

Tang Ya looked at the sparkling water before her eyes,Sighed“Eh,Qianyu and Yuhao went to Sunyue Royal Soul Guidance Academy,And Wang Dong returned to Clear Sky School because of the situation of the sect,Don’t know how long it will take to Read More

Mo Xiaosheng’s answer surprised him,Although Chinese medicine is declining now,But the profoundness and profoundness of Chinese medicine is far beyond that of Western medicine.。

Chinese medicine pays attention to seeing, smelling and asking,Excellent Chinese medicine experts don’t need instruments at all,You can see the signs of the patient’s illness,And Mo Xiaosheng can see the little girl’s condition at a glance,And concluded that her brain Read More

“Damn,I can’t sleep happily。”Xiao Wu hugs Zhao Ming’s shoulders,“I am thinking now,What’s our baby’s name from now on?What if I can’t be a mother in the future?”

“puff。It’s still early。Pregnant,Still not sure。and,Didn’t you say it?You have to be pregnant for a long time,Every three or four years,No need to think about these things。”Zhao Ming looked at Xiao Wu like this,A little funny。 “Damn,I want to choose a Read More

“What else to watch?

Go!” After kicking this person,Seeing everyone in a daze,Jiang Shaotian became furious in an instant。 These two hundred people heard this,Turned around and rushed towards Lu Wei’s company。 And Lin Yu who is still in Lu Wei’s company,Seeing this person Read More