Month: September 2021

Yu Xingwei asked:“XXC?”

Wang Yufei explained the sentence:“Yes,Executable program,From the computer to the mobile phone is a unified format。We directly call doubleXformat。” Yu Xingwei looked at Ma Huaide,It seems that Penguin has made a lot of money this time。 Have this statement,China Software Read More

Lu Shanshan can’t stand Shen Zhiyue’s emotional attack the most。If Shen Zhiyue beg her to ask her,She will not bother。only……When Lu Shanshan was still Shen Zhiyue,,Acting too eagerly in front of my mother,If you don’t continue,I feel sorry for my mother。

Shen Zhiyue knew that Lu Shanshan had begun to shake,Keep saying:“As long as you nod,I will solve all subsequent problems。” Lu Shanshan believes Shen Zhiyue’s words,But does he really need to be this level by himself?? “Yue Ge,I always feel……” Read More