Month: September 2021

Speaking of which,Chen Du went silent,It took a long time to sigh lightly,Go on:“I should have figured it out now!Actually sell it,She has her own place,I didn’t go back,Being empty is a waste,The best you bought,I can go around in the future if I have time,Better than selling to a stranger……”

“Instructor。”Gan Yifan interrupted him,“It’s not what you think,Although I don’t know what happened between you and Ning Xichen,But she has no idea of selling the villa,I was cheated。” “Cheated……”Chen Duyi froze,The expression on the face is quite wonderful,Finally asked with Read More

but,If he is so strong。

What to do? I just said,Let him kneel and beg for mercy,Compensation of one million。 if not,Block yourself,Kill him。 Do not,This is not true。 puff!Wu Xingqing couldn’t bear this terrible blow。 A squirt of blood from the mouth,then,Passed out。 unfortunately,Lin Read More

Raise your hand and slap。

direct,And gave the seven seniors a slap。 Beat,Seven brothers at this moment,Buzzing head。 Nima’s,You play with me? I have no response,Just slap me。 of course,These seven brothers dare not say this。 But secretly staying in my heart。 “Junior Brother is Read More