Month: August 2021


First246chapter Gratifying results(Wuxin wooden hall master plus more) Not unexpected,That night,Wait for meager celebrities like Pippi shrimp,Post the edited video,It exploded immediately online。 It’s not someone who didn’t broadcast the game live before,But the situation on the court is just Read More

Talking,He raised his right hand,“In front of god,I make a promise,From now on, neither myself nor my family will take a helicopter,Not even once!”

“Ding Dong!” “Congratulations to the host,Different time and space60The strong wish of billion Kobe fans!” “The system rewards the host with the rare Gathering Array(intermediate)skill!” “This intermediate skill was originally difficult to obtain,But because of an emergency,The host is out Read More

“that is not,In your room please!”Mo Xiaosheng quickly and politely invited him,to be frank,Mo Zizhen is one of the people Mo Xiaosheng admires most,Not just because of his ability,Also because of the aura of him!

“I won’t enter the house,Just have a few words to tell you,Just say it outside the house。”Mo Zizhen waved his hand。 Mo Xiaosheng quickly walked down the steps,Politely:“Please tell me what you want。” “I have heard about you,You can have Read More