Month: July 2021

Choose to do“Behind the scenes hero”。But what makes Qin Liang feel incredible is;He didn’t feel this way when he was at home,When he used to go to the company,I often meet Chen Hao,Liu Rushi talking together at the same time,Chat,He didn’t feel embarrassed,It’s nothing more than double when you speak

Just be cautious。 Shen Ruoxi and Murongshan are still the same as the previous two days,I went to work in the company as usual,The difference from the previous two days is;This time staying with her and Murong Shan’s people,Without Qin Read More

Peng Changyi holding the key,Just run Lu Hua’s Santana2000Go,After starting the car,Step on the accelerator,Car“Wailing”Screamed out,Lu Hua watched with some nervousness as he disappeared into the gate while driving。

Lu Hua looked at his back,Talk to Old Gu:“Can’t open Audi,Leave the driver without,How can this be sung?” Old Gu smiled,Said:“I’m not surprised,He always thinks of what is what,Never play cards according to the rules。If you bother to think about Read More