Month: June 2021

Shen Ruoxi said earnestly。

“I have a hasty!Wife,I underestimated you!I thought you were worrying about me,I didn’t expect you to analyze things so clearly!amazing!Awesome wife,You can be regarded as half Zhuge Liang。” Qin Liang pleased。 “Stop playing with me,I’m serious!You can’t imagine the first Read More


Chapter Two Thousand Eighty One Are all amazing characters Chapter Two Thousand Eighty One Are all amazing characters In the modern and popular words in the society,Qin Liang, this is“With the wind”Up!Every day with these beautiful girls“Gangbang”Together,He put all the Read More

Other people are at a loss here。

how,Would it be like this? but,After hearing Huang Qian’s words,,In fact, deep down in their hearts,I feel more and more。 They next,In fact, there is no chance of winning。 “Say so,Let’s now,Really lost?” “That’s right,Is this still necessary?,and,this matter,Actually there Read More

Peng Changyi smiled,He opened the drawer,After searching for a long time, I haven’t found anything to give to Xiao Le as a souvenir,When he opened the last drawer,I saw a beautiful exotic saber inside,Studded with gems of various colors,Scabbard with golden handle,There is a string of small copper rings on it,Shake gently,Can make a clear and melodious metal collision sound。He can’t remember who gave it to him,Just take out this knife,Said:“Xiaole,Go to the provincial capital to study,Is also the beginning of another stage in your life,I have nothing to give you as a souvenir,This should be a knife passed by ethnic minorities in Xinjiang as a token,For you,Hope you can be like it,When i need you,To be like this knife,Out of the sheath。”

After sending Chen Le away,Peng Changyi came to Jiang Fan’s office,He wants to report to Jiang Fan about his upcoming work,But found that Jiang Fan was not in the office,Glanced into Lin Yan’s house,Lin Yanzai。Peng Changyi opened Lin Yan’s door,Lin Read More