Month: May 2021

Ding Yi looked up at him,He saw his frowning brows and the ruddy eyes behind the lenses,I lower my head sadly,Said:“Pengfei,Sorry……”

He Pengfei took off his glasses again,Rubbed his eyes,Barely smiled,Said:“Ding Yi,You have said this several times,you’re not wrong,Don’t always say sorry to me。” “Really?”Ding Yi looked up at him。 He Pengfei felt his heart stabbed gently,Look at her,Nod,Said:“Really。” Ding Yi Read More


This time it’s Liu Xiaoyun who doesn’t know what to say。 “I made a decision,I want to expel you from the teacher。” Qin Liang was in his heart just now,Kissed Liu Xiaoyun,I tasted the sweetness,I really started to move……Liu Xiaoyun Read More


Shen Ruoxi and Chen Hao said one word in unison! “I have a hasty!You two are really good girlfriends!Even the foul language is exploded together!” Qin Liang said tangledly。 “This is what you asked for!Guts fat,Actually tuned in my face Read More

She cleaned up Jiang Fan’s study as usual,And open the windows on the balcony of the study,I have to say that Jiang Fan is a very self-care man,Every time you get up,If it is not particularly urgent,He can fold the quilt squarely,Caress the bed neatly,But even so,Ding Yi also wipes the study every time,Keep the study room fresh and tidy。

She cleaned up the house,Close the windows again,After washing,She warmed a glass of milk,Sat at the table,suddenly,She found under the napkin box,Press a note:I went to Hong Kong to attend an economic promotion conference,Come back next Monday night,take care。 Come Read More

then,He was laid on by Sheng Zegang,Then I experienced that the reunion was too short,Urban fast food that happens too fast*Scene of,Rolling in the rented suite,Fang Yourong’s first taste of taboo。

Fang Yourong, who got up, went to take a bath,Let the water wet his sweaty body。Water is really good,Can wash all dirty things。Finally did。Reaching for the wall,Fang Yourong thought about it,How did you get together with Sheng Zegang??Although I have Read More

In the eyes of the elderly,Every decision of Xia Chenglong is not much different from those old monsters who have lived for many years,Really too sophisticated,He even suspects that this is what the old man came to experience life!

“Did you send his background??” “Ok,checked,From remote Bincheng,Because the family fell in the early years,So living conditions are difficult,Maybe it’s because of this that created such a character!” The theory that children from poor families are in their homes early Read More