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Benevolent,Even if it is Lushan,I can’t make it strong,I have to take a few words.,The core intention is to inform Yue Yue,Zuo League is still waiting for his explanation。

Chu Dee people can guess,80% is that Zhuzen is already planning Wuyue and party conference,This is a warning of Yue in advance.,Must be present! After the people of the Lushanpai left,All sent rivers and lakes,Also speaking,Three days, all scattered。 As Read More

Near noon,They have carried a lot of clothes in their hands。But Guan Tingna only bought her underwear,The rest is Xia Jian’s,This makes Xia Jian feel very embarrassed。Why do you think a big man buys so many clothes??But Guan Tingna just didn’t listen。

And Guan Tingna called to the driver who followed them far away,Moved all the newly bought clothes to the car。Otherwise, shopping with such a pile of clothes,That’s really tiring。 “Hey!You have no conscience at all,I bought clothes for most of Read More

He gets up,Bath towel,Go to her bag,Package without a pull chain,The medicine has been taken three capsules.,He didn’t even take it up,I saw the words on the upper side.。

Contraceptive。 Ou Jingzhen thought it was a flower.,I quickly read an eye very seriously.,He didn’t see a mistake,Indeed in contraceptive,He is like a lightning strike。 Watching the direction of the bathroom。 Unexpetent,The two have been together for so long.,She is Read More