Benevolent,Even if it is Lushan,I can’t make it strong,I have to take a few words.,The core intention is to inform Yue Yue,Zuo League is still waiting for his explanation。

Chu Dee people can guess,80% is that Zhuzen is already planning Wuyue and party conference,This is a warning of Yue in advance.,Must be present!
After the people of the Lushanpai left,All sent rivers and lakes,Also speaking,Three days, all scattered。
As for the Huashan School,How to set up the door,Chu Deirers also don’t know,Just listening to Lin Ping on the second day.……
He and the fox,Naturally triggered the suspicion of Yue Yue,But different from the original——Originally made Fox“Grand exhibition”,Yue does not have a group, you can doubt him.“Stealing Linjia Sword Law”,Although,But this questioned itself。
However, now Lin Ping’s and makes the fox“Grand exhibition”,How to question Yue Union?
Qian Lin Ping learned from home sword,After taught it to the Fox?
even so,Guan Yue does not group?
No one means,The apprentice’s family,Be sure to teach Master.?
Therefore, it is not a group of Yue in the face.,Just warn that two people want to take the evil road of Jianzong、Also pay attention to internal force practice cloud cloud……
Due to Lin Ping, there are more,Make the fox……That is, there is a little sarcasm,Yue Yue is now even doubting,Lin Ping is not a painted this university to deal with yourself.!
Biased Yue does not group even suspect,It’s not straightforward,And the Fox Chong did not dare to explain the thoughts of the cliff——Huashan sword law on the sword wall,Is it true that Jianzong is;Second, he and Lin Ping,This is suspected of stealing a sword method;Three is also the most important……The sword wall has been ruined.,What is the use??
I have not asked directly in Yue.、Just ironic,Linghu Chong did not dare to tell the truth。
And Lin Ping will not say even more——I misunderstood me.《Evil spirits》?
Good thing!
Lin Ping is still distressed,No chance to return to Minnan,will《Evil spirits》take out,I want to know if I have to go back to my hometown at this time.,Yue Yue will definitely stare at yourself。
However, now Yue does not mistakenly think that he has been practiced.《Evil spirits》,That will not be too beaten、Monitor yourself back to your hometown!
Therefore, Lin Ping after accepting the teachings of Yue in the heart.,The momentum is put forward to escort the parents’ spirits back to the hometown to be buried。
Yue Yue did not refuse this,But let Laudno go back with him.,After all, Laudno is also familiar with……
Yue Lingshan learned,Practice to ask for peers,Yue did a group of hesitated,However, after Ning Zhong, the first,Also agreed。
As for the fox,Yue does not play with its work,Lifting his thought cliffs——Just Chu Deirers know,This should be considered that Yue is not buddy.、Move the replacement of the inheritance。
Just like the original Zhongning Zhongzhong,What is wrong with the cliff?。
Yue does not group for half a year ago, let the fox rushed to think about the cliff,Indeed to further cultivate his mind,Mainly in order to provide a clean and peaceful environment,Give the fox,The time can be《Zixia》Teach him!
After all, how deep the Yue does not have a group of hearts.,Before, Fox Chong is also a great,In love,Cultivate Linghu as a heir,There is no conflict with his interests.,And is the most favorable about Huashan stable——Character makes the fox rush to fight for a better victory,And the same“Master brother”The position is stable。
However, now because《Evil spirits》Thing,Obviously, Yue is unhappy,I feel this university,It is very likely to be important!
Originally Chu Deirers also worship in the second day,However, Lin Ping is actively looking for,I hope that the Chu Deirers can walk with him.!
Laudno“old”Brother,Usually behave very important,Lin Ping is not familiar with him,Yue Lingshan……Lin Ping’s heart is to solve a bit。
But I don’t know if it is not intentional.,These two are in front of his house,“coincide”Combination in Fuzhou,Let Lin Ping are very uncomfortable,Compared to below,Definitely“Chu Da Ge”Most reliable!
Speaking of this is Lin Ping to send parents’ spirits to the hometown,Not what mission in Huashan,Naturally bring a Chu Deiren this kind of thing,Lin Ping’s own。
“Go to Fuzhou?you……kindness,Also,I am going to ask.,Most will accompany you,But I waited Henan,I have another thing.,Let’s see Fuzhou after a year.!”Chu Deirers think about it and did not refuse。
Although February 15,Is Wudang School,If you go to Fuzhou,80% is wrong,After all, it is impossible to go.、Xiangyang,Otherwise, pass through the Song Yuan’s confrontation area,Lin Ping is also ready to first go to Luoyang,Look at him, Wang Yuanba,After that, Ji Ningfu、Xuzhou……
But Chu Deirers pair Wudang,I can’t go wrong.——After all, the Chu Deirers cannot be went to Wudang.,Many Master will have multiple black spots。
As《Shaolin Jiuyang》Make a gift,Wusu?
This is really thinking about Chu Deirens.,only……Although the matter of Qiaofeng,Chu Deirers are not good for Shaolin,But I have not yet reached the point to this.。
What’s more, Zhang Sanfeng has a high person?,Such a vulgar charming behavior,People do not necessarily buy。
So the lively in these three definitions,Chu Deirers can’t help but don’t matter。
Fuzhou Chu Dee people will be willing to accompany the flour,Let him not think about it.,Unpleasant practice《Evil spirits》,Two……Sent to the door《Evil spirits》,Why don’t Chu Dee??
In fact, if the Yue does not have a group,How many of Lin Ping will give him,only……Request this kind of thing about the disciple,incompatible“Gentleman”Person,From the previous wooden peak, I will question what he wants.《Evil spirits》,Yue does not turn his face immediately,Can also see this。
Although it is just“I am not so good.”,Not anything to have a big evil thing,But for Yue Yue……
《Evil spirits》Have to get、“Gentleman”The reputation is also,The first tail treatment is clean,Naturally you can,Then why do you want to destroy??