He gets up,Bath towel,Go to her bag,Package without a pull chain,The medicine has been taken three capsules.,He didn’t even take it up,I saw the words on the upper side.。

Ou Jingzhen thought it was a flower.,I quickly read an eye very seriously.,He didn’t see a mistake,Indeed in contraceptive,He is like a lightning strike。
Watching the direction of the bathroom。
Unexpetent,The two have been together for so long.,She is not pregnant,It turns out that she doesn’t want to make his child.。
He pushed the door,Ning Feifei also has just packed the emotions.。
Looking at the Ou Jing, anger,She understands her heart,Everything you have made,He saw it。
“Aura,you’re awake。”
She smiled and saw him.。
Ou Jing, looked at her, I have changed my clothes.,That smiles,I don’t know if it is wrong.。
He clenched his fist angry,Previous steps,Put her on the wall,Low,The black eyes is like a blood, and it is generally looking at her.。
“Ning Feifei,Do you want to die??
Actually dare to eat contraceptives。
Do you know how big is the medicine to hurt women??
You actually die.。”
His angry voice came from the top of the head,Like a thunder in her,She can’t hurt her heart.。
NS1255chapter:Yu Sheng is only for you
Ning Feifei closed the double,Dare to see his hidden hunger。
She curled with her body slightly,Negative people in the corner,Slim body Suthers shive。
Ou Jingzhen saw such a,Poor and helpless,I am afraid http://www.qdscy.cn again and strong,His heart seems to be stabbed by something,It’s a sharp pain that is unprecedented.。
he loves her,Never thought that one day, I will be like this.。
But I think of the medicine,The anger of his heart is, the more burn it.,He anger open,“Ning Feifei,Are you not willing to be a child??
We have been together for so long.,You have not been pregnant,It turned out that you have been secretly taking medicine.,You are not the voice of mouth, love me??
But I don’t want to make my child.,Your love is really ironic.。”
The word of European,Such as the knife is in the bottom of her heart。
The ironic tone seems to be in an instant, she has always been love to him.。
Also,If he thinks,He can be less painful。
Native medicine,She has never eaten,In order to let him die,In order to make him sad,She is the http://www.ncjac.cn medicine to buy in the pharmacy when she was yesterday at noon yesterday.,Then she took a few a few.。
She has no courage to stay in his side when his stumbling block,She can’t be my brother to deal with his throat。
Don’t let your mother and big brothers do things。
Although they don’t care about themselves,But that is also the only loved ones in the world.。
She left alone.,But can solve all things,So,She is willing to leave alone alone。
Ning Feifei lows tears,Don’t say a word,She bites her lower lips,Injection of all the pain in your heart。
Ou Jing, I don’t talk at a look.,Also explained,The anger in my heart is getting more and more,He uses her back to her shoulders。
She is painful to shake the whole body,Long and curled eyelashes are also slightly trembled,Tears rolled down from your eyes,But this pain is not the pain of her heart.,Her heart is like torn,When the blood is painful, she wants to die immediately.。
“say,Ning Feifei,Talk to me,What is the reason??
Why do you want to do this??
Talk to me,Why don’t you explain??