Chapter 60,Hallai Group

“All right,I have to start.。”
Shen Xuan packed up,Ready to travel to Halloyan Group。
After all, today,For Shen Xuan,Is a very important day。
As for Shen Xuan, it is a successful to win the Halloya Group.,Still being rushed out by Deng Jiang and others?,In fact, you will see it now.。 “Do not,I am worried about you。”
Dingmei hugged Shen Xuan,Buried your head in Shenxuan’s chest。
Shenxuan,Slight smile。
“fine,In fact, it is nothing to worry.,it’s here,wait me back。”
Justang Shen Xuan is still in secret,next moment,Shenxuan’s mind,A prompt sound。
“Take a break eight hours,Gains a Porsche worth 3,500 million911Collector’s Edition。”
Shenxuan’s pocket,More a string key。
Shen Xuan looked at it,Then handled the key to Dingmei in front of it.。
“This car is I prepared for you.,If you are boring, you can turn around.。”
“You are still in practice now,Don’t arrange your work for you first.。”
I heard Shen Xuan finished,Dingmei’s nose has some acid。
She feels,this life,I may be inseparable from Shen Xuan.。
But Shen Xuan,he knows,I can’t delay it.。
When you come out,Shen Xuan’s bodyguard,I have already changed a dial。
Shen Xuan looked at the one who took the lead,I quickly thought of it.。
Before,The people who have seen the War Temple。
And that person in front of you,Then I said to Shen Xuan.:“Leader,We have heard that you have dangerous,So deliberately protect you。”
This way.?
but,Shen Xuan is not careless。
“kindness,let’s go。”
At this moment,Halloya Group Conference。
Deng Jiangluo sitting there,do not know why,His heart is very uneasy。
“How about it,Is there a message??”
Deng Rong looked around,Can’t ask。
Shop,It is shaking his head against Deng Jiang.。
this matter,Where is it so simple?。
So now start,Deng Jiang’s heart,Naturally, I still feel scared。
And this time,Deng Jiang’s side,The man shook his head against Deng Jiang。
“no,No news at all。”
This,In fact, for Deng Jiang,Is the worst news。
Deng Jiang’s side,One of the departmental managers asked Deng Jiang。